I'm the Birthday Girl!

What a day to be a Princess! I woke up at 4:30 (on my own) to watch the wedding of William and Catherine and I was really glad that I did. It was beautiful and the hats and fashion were off the hook. Since my Mom was pregnant with me while Di was pregnant with William I have always felt a fun little connection to him (my Mom was happy that I got Matty for my Prince when she realized Wills was not going to do it for me) and his wedding was almost as fabulous as mine! I do love that he and Catherine were cracking jokes to each other on the altar just like Matty and I did (even if we did do it first).

So speaking of being a Princess; I am the birthday girl! Well, my birthday is on Sunday, but I really like to spread it out for at least a few days so that everyone can enjoy my big day and give me proper love and presents :) I love that I am about the be 29, but still spoiled rotten like a little kid by my loved ones , especially on my birthday. I knew Matty was the one for me when he accepted (and accommodated) the huge deal that my birthday has always been; he was in Ireland for our first of my birthday's together but before he left he presented me with two (not one, two!) Tiffany bracelets and then made sure he had a card and more presents for me at my birthday dinner/party that night. He is the best. And now three years later, we are heading off the Orlando so I can spend my last birthday in my twenties at Disney being a big, silly kid. It's going to be so much fun and such a well deserved vacation for both of us (did I mention that my amazing husband just ran the Boston Marathon and is going to have a birthday himself in a couple of weeks?). Here he is after he completed 26.2 miles while still looking totally hot.
So, back to my birthday week (sorry Matty), on Wednesday my Mommy sent me the most beautiful Coach bag (spoiled, I tell you) and yesterday I got a package from Amy with a bunch of good loot from my favorite store in NoHo. Today we are celebrating at work with my favorite burritos for lunch and then tonight we are having tapas with the little brother. Then we are up and at 'em for a 7am flight tomorrow so we can be by the pool in time for lunch. Awww yeah. Can't wait!
I am super excited for my birthday and my 29th year (despite the sadness I will surely be feeling as I bid adieu to my twenties this time next year). I have so many major life changes coming for me this year, however that I really, truly think that 29 is going to be my most epic year yet. Although, 28 was amazing: I married my prince, finally found an organization that I love to work for where I can grow in my career, became a Big Sister, said goodbye to some friendships while welcoming and growing with new ones and....oh I can't tell you the last thing, yet.....*
*Author's Note: In a nod to my childhood hobby of watching Soap Operas with my Mom, I hereby leave a cliffhanger a la Erica Kane.

Also, I would like to wish my Daddy a very happy birthday today. He would have been the birthday boy and I wish more than anything that he was here to see my all grown up. That's him up there, already fostering my love of the prison system with his awesome shirt.

The Birthday Girl


Cat said…
One more thing?! :-) I love a good cliffhanger.
Kate said…
I know the cliffhanger!!
Clara Stamulis said…
That was fun to read, thanks for sharing so much fun!

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