Dirty Thirty!!

A collage of my birthday dinner; Maddie had sweet potatoes and was loving them!
Monday night before bed I kissed my wonderful husband good night, I kissed my beautiful baby good night, and then I snuggled into bed (well before most senior citizens) and kissed my sweet, sweet twenties good night and good bye. Forever.
Then, a miracle happened. I woke up Tuesday and felt...the same! I checked the mirror and I still had blonde highlights (no greys!), I didn't see any wrinkles (unless I crinkle my nose up) and I still looked pretty hot (well, for it being 5am and me having a breastfeeding baby). You heard it here first, folks, I made it to thirty and lived to tell about it!
After a three mile run (one for each decade), opening my BEAUTIFUL new Tiffany necklace, playing with the baby and handing her off to our wonderful nanny, and putting on my favorite polka dot dress I set off for work and spent my walk to the T reflecting on all of the things I did in my twenties, and holy shit was I busy! Some of my major events include:
  • Graduated (on the Dean's list) with my BA
  • Moved 3,000 miles away from the Biggest Little City in the World to my home sweet Boston
  • Had my heart completely shattered and put it back together, bigger and stronger and wiser
  • Made an incredible group of friends in Boston and kept in touch with some amazing ones from Reno
  • Graduated (with honors) with two masters degrees
  • Spent a month tromping around Europe seeing sites I had only seen in books, spending time getting to know myself
  • Worked in a prison and a halfway house, working with hundreds of inmates, learning lots of lessons about myself, others, and the world around me
  • Met the most amazing man in the world and had the privilege of becoming his wife in the most beautiful and intimate wedding a girl could dream of
  • Found an organization I love, doing a job that I love, with great opportunities for growth on my horizon
  • Learned more about my faith and entered fully into the Church, acquiring a whole new set of friends who share my core values
  • Volunteered all over Boston and in New Orleans, finding a special passion for the Crescent City and forging eternal friendships with my fellow volunteers
  • Learned to know myself, love myself and trust myself
  • Had a wonderful pregnancy resulting in the most beautiful, healthy, brilliant little baby girl
  • Turned thirty with nothing but excitement for the next ten years!
Last night Matty picked me up from work on his way home from work, or so I thought; turns out the sneak had been home for hours making me an AMAZING birthday dinner of homemade sushi, oysters, champagne and red velvet cake - pretty much all of my favorite things. When I got into the car I noticed some little feet sticking out of the car seat in the back and was so excited to see my little munckin and get to spend some bonus time with her on the way home! Dinner was amazing, and I got to control the remote all night - best birthday ever!! Tonight we celebrate with Aunt Jane with more food and libations....I love my birth week!!

Here's to the next year of the fabulous life of Stefanie!


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