My First Mother's Day

I am a couple of weeks behind, but I wanted to share my first Mother's Day and show some pictures from our awesome afternoon. I haven't been finding much time to blog lately; work has been consistently busy with lots of projects, I have been running and yoga-ing a lot, we have been doing lots of fun things, and we have this little person who I would much rather kiss and hold and play with when she is awake...and that just does not leave much time (sleep, what?). So, without further ado, my First Mother's Day!

The day before Mother's Day was Matty's birthday so we had a delicious brunch at our favorite restaurant (aka Aunt Jane's house) and then left Maddie there so we could go to the movies. We had not been to the movies since I was prego (possibly as far back as my 2nd trimester) so this was a pretty big treat. Since it was Matty's birthday he got to pick, which obviously resulted in us seeing the Avengers in 3D IMAX. I am not a huge fan of action movies or any of the things that boys generally like, but the movie was really good and the 3D IMAX experience was pretty intense entertainment. Afterwards we joined our posse (Kate, Kendra and V) at Marliave for three dozen dollar oysters, cocktails and dinner. It was kind of the perfect afternoon, even if I did miss my baby in a SERIOUS way by the time dinner ended.

Sunday morning we woke up and it was my day! For some reason unknown to me I was in a grumpy mood when I woke up. I chocked it up to being tired and figured once I got to mass I would be motivated to get over myself, which I was. The gorgeous jewelry box that Madeleine got me really helped lift my mood too. By the time mass ended and I had another iced coffee in hand I was able to appreciate my awesome life to the full extent, and we were off to Masa for brunch. It was super crowded, but Matty had helped Madeleine make reservations and we got to sit outside where it was warm, sunny and much more relaxed and quiet than in the restaurant. It was perfect. The food was wonderful, Madeleine was adorable in her little sun dress and I got to enjoy my beautiful little family over a Bloody Maria.

Since it was so gorgeous out we were able to go for a nice walk together after brunch and I requested that we go to the Boston Public Garden. The Swan Boats were on the pond, kids and dogs were everywhere and literally everything that could be blooming was busting with color. We found a spot on the grass, threw a blanket down for the baby, and the cuteness just kind of flowed:

This little girl is just the best thing ever; she makes me smile on a minute by minute basis. She is just such a happy, loving, adorable little person and I am so incredibly lucky to get to be her Mommy. The way she smiles at me when she wakes up in the morning; her new love of food and getting it all over her smiley little face; and the way she reaches out for me in her sleep, touches my face, and settles back in - it's just really, truly so wonderful.

Happy (super belated) Mother's Day to all the mama's out there, especially the woman who helped make me the mama I am today.

Mama O'Shea


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