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I love these weekly posts; they make sure that I blog and reflect on my week, and hopefully inspire you to do the same. Leave me your Currently link in my comments so I can see what's going on in your fabulous life too!
Maddie and her photo album of loved ones, and her awesome NOLA onesie, just because I want to share this picture!
Loving: That this week is over. It has not been a good one at the O'Shea house, despite the fact that there were only four working days, there was a lot of yuck in those four days. I didn't manage to get in a single run due to being super exhausted/snooze finger happy, which always makes me feel less awesome about my day. The munchkin has a new tooth coming in, so she has also been a little unhappy, and not afraid to tell us! I locked myself out of the house yesterday so instead of coming home and relaxing after walking up a huge hill with a bjorned baby and three bags, I got to sit on the porch and wish for my living room. But, the week is over, and I did get to go to yoga Tuesday and have Kate over for a really good dinner last night, so I will just focus my appreciation on that and bid last week adieu!
Mexican grilled corn, paprika spiced pork chops and cous cous!
We may have been locked out, but Maddie was still rocking her Levi's jeggings!
Reading: I am finally on the September issues of my magazines! And I have some books on hold at the library that I plan on picking up after yoga class tomorrow. Honestly, though, my train ride has been the only time I have had to read, and even then I have been catching up on and drafting work emails a lot, so the September Glamour has been in my purse the entire week. Maybe this weekend during football I will finally get my Kindle linked to my Boston Public Library account and download some ebooks on loan. Maybe...

Watching: The No Reservations in Austin, right this second, actually. We really, really need to visit there, whether during SXSW or not. The food scene is unreal and the music/shopping/everything looks so up my alley. We also have a close friend living there and attending UT, so really we have NO excuse not to get our butts out there. Mary - make room on your couch for us, we are coming soon!
PS. I still did not watch the Hunger Games...maybe between football games this week.

Thinking About: Creating more time without electronics during the day. Not going Mennonite or anything, but putting down the iPhone, remote and laptop and just being in the moment. I was doing a pretty good job of this about a month ago when I decided not to turn on the TV after the baby goes down so I could read/putter around/work on outstanding projects. I think I will try and dedicate a couple of nights a week to this once we get back from Philly. I want to work on making some photo albums of Maddie and maybe knock out some of those books I am going to pick up from the library this weekend.

Anticipating: Bed, tonight! I am super exhausted from the week and plan on going to bed quite early this evening. After all, I am participating in the Shape Diva Dash tomorrow so I have to be well rested! My wave isn't until 2pm so I am going to be able to make my yoga class in the morning and then maybe even get a quick nap in before I dash. This will be my first obstacle course and second race, so I am pretty excited! I get to do it with two of my best friends too, which makes it even more awesome! Aaaand I just registered for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, so I am going to need the endurance practice!!!!!

Wishing: That cancer and sickness would stay far away from people I love. There have been too many diagnoses of the big C in my life since last year, which makes me scared anytime someone says they have to get tested for something. My mind automatically goes to cancer and I hate it.

Making Me Happy: The fact that Wednesday marks two years of wedded bliss with my favorite dude. I am so incredibly lucky to be married to such a patient, thoughtful and intelligent person. From picking me up at train stations when I am feeling extra tired to telling me every day how beautiful I am, he has seriously made these last two years and all they have held completely wonderful. Even through the challenges we face, he is always on my side. Thanks for the first two my love; can't wait for the next fifty!
Pretty, pretty shot at the Christian Science Center as I walked to the train from picking up my Diva Dash race packet.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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