Diva Dash-ed

Oh my gosh, today was SO much fun. I did the Shape Diva Dash, which I had been defining as a "really easy, girly version of the Tough Mudder" and kind of selling myself short on how tough it was going to be. It was definitely, absolutely in no way as crazy as the Mudder, Spartan or Warrior, but it was a challenge and was super, super fun.

I did two things I had never done today: trail running and obstacles, and it turns out I really enjoy them. I feel like trail running might end in a broken ankle for me based on the ease of tripping over nature when doing so, but I still want to try and do it once in a while. This is a pretty big deal considering I am not a huge fan of nature and am pretty much the most clumsy 5'10" lady ever. But considering that a couple of years ago I would have laughed at anyone who suggested doing what I did today, or even me being a runner. I feel like all bets are off. I mean, I am pretty much watching football while Matty sleeps on the floor right now even though I could technically put Keeping up with the Kardashians on. WHO AM I?!?!

A really great part of today was getting to do it with Kate; she is the only person aside from Matty that I have run with and we do yoga every week together, so I feel totally unembarrassed and in sync with her and we always check in with each other and keep a pace that is good for both of us. She is much more bad ass than I am (she is a Mudder and has done at least two centuries) but she never makes me feel like a woos and today we got to kick some serious ass together, finishing the 5k obstacle run in just 41 minutes. We would have been faster too, if not for the slow pokes ahead of us. Next time we are going to be first to leave the corral so we can smoke those bitches! My other bestie Kendra also kicked major ass and completed the Dash; Maddie and I got to watch her finish and I was so proud of her as she climbed that last wall of ropes and sprinted towards the finish line!

The ladies and I at the finish line!
Post race stretching/social networking.
This week has been a rough one. even today our seeming bad luck streak kept up with us and made me feel like pulling my hair out and crying "WHY ME!?!" but this afternoon/evening was really just what I needed to end the streak. After the ladies (and our cheerleader dudes) had scored all of the free stuff we could from the post-race party we headed to one of my favorite places to eat fried foods, Boston Beer Works (well, actually we went to to Hingham one). We sat outside with the baby and my friend's dog, ate great food, drank beers and had lots of laughs. I always say it, because it is always true, that I have the best friends in the world. The crew I was with tonight are so much like family to me, Matty and the baby, and I thank God for their love and friendship all the time.
After dinner I went on a mini shopping spree at Old Navy and ended up scoring the cutest horseshoe top that is totally work appropriate, as well as some good basics (tanks, cardigans) and an awesome new purse/diaper bag.
Then I got to come home, give Madeleine a tubbie, play and cuddle with her and put my tired feet up after a long day of Dash-ing. This week may have been a bit rough, but days like this are so much more common, which is what I always try to remember when I feel overwhelmed by the other stuff.

This baby LOVES her Godmama Kendra!
Tomorrow I am taking a friend to Ikea (he promised me meatballs; how can I say no?) and making Matty some good food so he can watch football and be thanked by me for being such an awesome cheerleader/complete running inspiration. The work week will only be three days, but it is going to be jam packed for me so I want to get everything ready (baby's food made, outfits ready to go, sleep!). Then we get to have a date night out on our wedding anniversary before heading to Philly for a few days! SO excited!!

Hope your weekend is lovely thus far!

PS. If you ever go to Beer Works, I highly recommend signing up for their VIP Program. They give you $10 each month, with an extra $10 on your birthday, just for having the card! That's $120 in delicious food and beers each year!


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