My Madeleine

This weekend as I was packing away some of Maddie's clothes she had outgrown and pulling out some items she's ready to wear I came across her firefighter rain jacket that our dear friends with three amazing little boys had handed down to us. Since it's really trying to be spring I figured we may get some rain so I pulled it out; Maddie was close by supervising me and pulling random things out that she felt she needed to wear (mostly pants on her head) and she absolutely went bonkers when she saw the firefighter coat and demanded that it be put on her immediately, over her pink polka dot tutu and purple shirt. This is what transpired, vampire teeth binky and all.
This kid, I tell you, she cracks me up with her fierce sense of style and her strong will to dress herself, feed herself and hit all those independent milestones at light speed. It got me to thinking that I need to spend a blog taking about this fantastic little lady that brings so much joy (and exhaustion!) to her Mama and Dada.

Things she loves:
Busses! Every time she sees a bus she points and exclaims "bu!", which, if you live in a major city, means about one "bu" for every block. It brings her such joy every darn time though and is consistently completely adorable. She also loves trucks, cars, trains and makes a revving sound for most of them, or just let's them fall into the "bu" category. She may be rocking lots of pink and bows but she gives a standing ovation when Thomas and Friends comes on PBS during our coffee time on the couch in the morning. I can't wait to take her for a visit to the firehouse soon in her jacket and tutu to see the trucks!
People. This kiddo loves people of all sorts: kids, adults, strangers and her own people. She is a total people watcher and loves to wave and chat at everyone. Wonder where she gets that outgoing personality from? She gets totally pumped when we pull up to Jane's each week and spends the minutes before her nanny gets to work peering out the front window and checking the front door. When Kate or Kendra get in the car she lights up and when Dada walks through the door, even if he just went to take out the trash, she is right there to welcome him back home.

Eating healthy foods. She eats about a pound and a half of grapes each week, a bunch of bananas and at least a pint of blueberries. There's not many cheeses she won't eat and she loves yogurt, peanut butter and Annie's mac and cheese. She's yet to completely stop throwing her food on the floor but we are working on it and she's getting better about putting her refused pieces in a special spot on her high chair tray. She's using forks, spooks and straws and much prefers to feed herself over getting fed.

Grandma Skype time. Open a computer around Maddie and she automatically starts looking for Grandma. She chats, blows kisses and this weekend tried to give Grandma her dolly through the computer. It's so sweet and I'm so thankful for technology in keeping my Mom such a major role in her life. It's always so exciting when we get to see Grandma in person and there's never any doubt in Maddie's mind about who she is. We got an iPad this weekend and I'm excited to take it for a Skype spin soon!
She also loves kitties, doggies, books, climbing onto chairs, putting on adult shoes, holding hands while walking, riding in shopping carts, Horizon vanilla milk, hugging other kids, her best friend Cordelia, dancing to music (folk, soul, country, Bollywood, metal, hip hop) and brushing her teeth.

Being a parent is hard, definitely the hardest thing Matty and I have ever attempted, but this little lady makes it the most hilarious, educational and rewarding role ever.

Thanks Maddie, you bring us so much love and happiness!


gardenbaby said…
Inhaled every word- a perfect picture of a delightful toddler. You are so blessed Stefanie. I am so happy for you. Enjoy!

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