Wow, I feel like my mind is going a million miles a minute with all of the things I have going on/coming up/in my rearview.

First things first, today is my last day at my current position and on Monday I am starting a brand new one! I am a)completely sad to leave the amazing people that I work with and hang out with 40 hours a week and b) completely elated for this new opportunity that comes with a better title, more money and a whole new set of challenges. I will be a Supervising Case Manager for a team of case managers that work in a shelter helping 58 women and their children get back on their feet and find self sufficiency. The organization is completely women-centric and their mission is to help women find their path to success through education, employment, parenting classes, housing and taking care of themselves. I will be providing clinical supervision to their case managers and assisting with programming and continuing to improve the services and options available to the woman. It will be a very new experience for me in some ways but will also be going back to my clinical, therapy and leadership skills that I love but do not get to use as much as I like to at my current position. I have been to the site I will be working at a few times and am already really excited with how kind and excited to have me all of the team is and how many of them are also mothers and understand the need for a flexible work schedule to allow for balance. I am sad to say goodbye to the place I have been for two and a half years and has seen me get married, have a baby and grow exponentially in my career. The people I work with are some of my favorite friends but at least I know that I will make staying in touch and spending time together a major priority. Love you guys! Thank you for everything!

One of the reasons that I decided to take this position is that since becoming a mother I have become very aware of how lucky I am to have the resources that I have to help me be a good mother and raise a happy, healthy kid and how those who do not have these resources are susceptible to being poor mothers and raising unhappy, unhealthy kids who grow into adults that end up being poor parents aaaaand the cycle continues. Having worked in the prison system, the mental health system and the homeless system I see the toll that having shitty parents can have on people and I have really wanted to find a way to be a part of the solution; I prayed on it, I talked to Matty about it and then this position came into my life and made that goal of mine a reality, one that I am even going to get paid for. Score!

So that is just one of the big changes going on around this life o' mine.

We are finally getting our finances back in order (thank you tax refund and new job!) which is something that we have been struggling with pretty much since I went on maternity leave. We had a sweet set up with our nanny share but then they backed out and sent us back into some scary financial territory that was already filled with maxed out credit cards and excess annual bills and a low paying job. We have been able to just barely make ends meet to get us to this point. I am breathing a sigh of relief for the first time in a long time when I look at our accounts and don't see things written in red and I can actually think about starting our long term plan of repairing our credit and starting to plan how to save for a buying a house. Oh, and we can afford things without totally screwing ourselves, like the vacation that we are going to take to see family in San Diego in April!

Speaking of vacations, have you seen Airbnb ? I am completely obsessed! We have timeshare with Hilton Grand Vacation and right now we get about a week each year in a really gorgeous suite somewhere (usually Florida, at our choosing) but that leaves at least another two or three weeks of vacations and adventures each year that we have to figure out where to stay. Traveling with a toddler and other family members is so much more enjoyable when you can have a whole house to yourself instead of a little hotel room and Airbnb makes this so easy! We are using it this year for San Diego and Martha's Vineyard and I am starting to poke around for a trip to Ireland and for Jazzfest in NOLA next year. Being able to cook our own food and put the baby down to sleep but still be able to hang out in a living room is so awesome and the prices are fantastic. I need to find a way to make them a sponsor of this blog....new goal!

One last thing that I am super excited about is this organization called Back On My Feet, which uses running as a way to help homeless individual transform themselves and reach self sufficiency. I have had clients that have been a part of it and it has truly changed the way that they feel about themselves physically and mentally and I feel like it is a no-brainer since I already get up at the crack of dawn to go running by myself, now I will HAVE to drag myself out of bed because there will be people depending on me! I hope to attend the orientation run the week after I start my new job (I didn't want to put too much on my plate the first week) so I will let you know how it goes and hopefully be able to get my new organization involved.

So it's Friday and it's snowing like mad and I cannot wait to get some beers with my team to say goodbye over at Beerworks tonight! Tomorrow I am going to treat myself a little to get ready for my new job on Monday, maybe a new bag and a anew pair of shoes and definitely a cute new journal for note-taking during orientation. I am also going to a yoga class that my newly yoga certified friend is teaching over at South Boston yoga! Then Sunday Matty and I will be volunteering with St. Baldricks over at The Landsdowne, so if you are free please come down and say hello and support this amazing cause.

No blog post would be the same without a few snaps from the week, so here you are:
Oh, and have an awesome weekend! XoXo

Sleep "training" is starting to work! This one is from our wonderful nanny, who has been helping us with this extremely difficult task! Note that she is sleeping on her narwhal :)

Someone is getting really, really good at feeding herself!


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