Blink, it's Monday

My little Irish rose, getting ready for the Parade!
Happy Monday! And by happy I mean, I have a cold and I can only breathe out of one nostril and my face looks kind of puffy, but hey, I got a full night's sleep thanks to a certain almost-16-month-old and my first full dose of Ny Quil since before I got pregnant. I woke up with a sore neck from sleeping so soundly, which is a complaint I will happily take some advil and shut the hell up over! This weekend was so much fun but honestly went by really, really quickly.

Friday night Matty's cousin and her boyfriend were visiting from NY so we got to have a big Jane-cooked family dinner and hang out with them, which was super fun. Maddie passed out before we left so we did the couch to car to crib transfer and it actually worked! She did, however wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, but I'll take it! I went for a 7 mile run in the sunshine and then we headed down the Cape to visit with Matty's Dad. Maddie had a blast hanging out with her Papa and their dog, Wally and I think she definitely brought a lot of joy to Papa, which was much needed. We made our way home via the Christmas Tree Shop and Old Navy and decided we would go out to dinner after we got groceries and the house clean because we hadn't managed to go sit down and eat out since before we went to Florida. We also decided to be smart and beat the drunk St. Pat's crowd by hitting one of our local favorites early, a place called Ledge in Lower Mills. We even manged to get home, get Maddie in the tub and in bed at an early hour so we could hang out...and I ended up falling asleep before 9:15...whoops! So much for a crazy Saturday night!
I woke up Sunday feeling like I had a bit of a cold, but was not willing to alter our plans, which included Mass, the Parade and then Jane's for corned beef and cabbage. It was definitely a lot colder than last St. Pat's but it was manageable and the kiddo had a ton of fun clapping and pointing at all the vehicles in the parade saying "bu!" which is her word for bus and includes most every vehicle larger than a car. I do love St. Patrick's Day in Boston and had a lot of fun celebrating with the fam, even if I did have to go home, put on a million layers of clothes and Ny Quil myself out!

So now I am at work, and as you can tell, not too busy because most everyone is out...with a cold! We are bracing for yet another snow storm (over it) and I have already had to reschedule meetings that I had planned downtown tomorrow due to preemptive closures. I love the snow, but once it is past February I just don't see any point to it. Ugh!

I am looking forward to another early night in and playing catch up with all my crappy shows on the DVR while Matty works late tonight. Here's hoping I can make it past 9 tonight!

I am also looking forward to beating this cold quickly, a productive week at work (love my new job!) and spending time with my sweet girl who has been such an awesome sleeper these past two weeks - I think we really did it, I think we have ourselves a kid who can sleep through the night!
Maddie Hammers, super sleeper!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!


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