Currently, Marathon Edition

My trio at Madeleine's first Red Sox game this weekend!
Watching: the 117th Boston Marathon. On my computer. At work. Whomp, whomp.
I am stuck at work on Marathon Monday for the first time in many years and am really sad that I am not outside with Matty and Maddie and all our friends cheering the runners on. This is the first Marathon that Matty hasn't run in a couple of years and the first since I have started running my own races, so I am really disappointed that I don't get to watch it in person, but there has been a lot of realization that I have to grow up and accept that I am a leader in this new position and need to suck it up once in a while.
But why did it have to be so nice out today? Waaaah!

Listening to: Lately I have been trying to play music that Maddie likes to dance to, which is usually anything, though she does show a strong preference for Latin music (not sure where she gets that from!). If you ask her to "dance, dance" she stops what she is doing to shake her diaper butt, and it may just be the cutest thing in the whole world. She is starting music classes with Groovy Baby in a couple of weeks and I know that she is going to have so much fun playing with instruments and dancing along to the music - cannot wait!

Planning: Now that I have started my new job and we have a new budget in place we are really trying to start navigating the insane sea that is buying a house. We have gotten a ton of advice and suggestions from friends and we really appreciate it all; keep it coming, guys! We lack the ability to have a down payment right now, but we are going to try and start saving and keep our fingers crossed for one of those fancy first-time home buyer loans that you don't have to have such a huge amount saved up for.
It is nice that the idea of buying a house is something we can talk about as a more realistic and less anxiety-producing idea and hopefully is something that can really start to take shape in the next year. I am sure there will be lots more to come on this front, but thanks again to everyone who has been helping educate us on this!

Thinking about: How poorly I deal with change. This has always been a flaw of mine; change tends to produce so much anxiety and make me feel so off-kilter, even if it is good change, and I kind of hate it. The change in jobs has been so hard on me and even though I know it was for the better - I am in leadership now, I make more money, I am working alongside women that are really great at what they do - I cannot help but really be mourning my last position. I had so much fun working with the people I worked with and had been there so long that I was able to do almost anything, including being my class-clown self. I know that I am going to get used to the newness of this and that I will find my groove, but I just wish my heart would believe that and catch up with my head!

Reading: Another change with my new job has meant that I take the T less and therefore there has been a cut into my reading time, but luckily we cancelled some of our cable in order to save money and spend less time glued to the tube like zombies, so I am actually spending some time in the evenings tackling my HUGE pile of books from the library. Currently I am reading A Confederacy of Dunces and SantaLand Diaries as well as some random books on toddlers (no, I cannot just read one book at a time). I am really looking forward to our plane ride to San Diego and banking on Maddie doing some good plane-sleeping so I can make a dent in the rest of the books I have waiting for me.

Making me happy: My cute new bangs, watching Madeleine learn and grow every single day, the thought of getting to be with my whole family in San Diego next week, my commitment to freshly cleaned sheets every Sunday night, and knowing that I will be out of work in a few hours and spending time with my wonderful husband and our sweet little girl, even if I don't get to be cheering with them right now.

Happy Marathon Monday!


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