Spring, trying to spring.

Happy April! It's pretty hard to believe that we are now well into spring, what with the winter coat I put on this morning and the grey skies I see outside my office window, but the rolled down windows yesterday afternoon on my drive in to work definitely tell me spring is coming, or at least trying to!

"Take me outside, Mama!"
The most exciting thing about the change in weather, for me, is the ability to spend more time outside with the wee one. All she wants to do is be outside, even just a chance to sit on the front porch or  to walk around the park makes her so happy, and it makes Mama very happy too. I feel awful having to be cooped up in the house when all she wants to do is spread those long, toddler legs and run around like a little Olympian, and it looks like we are going to have much more of an opportunity to do so as the ten day forecast incites less tears and angry fist shaking at the sky.

This weekend we had a chance to take Maddie for a make-up egg hunt (after one very chilly attempt the previous weekend) down at Dorchester Park. The volunteers did a really great job spreading the eggs around and hiding them in little nooks and crevices throughout the trees and the weather was actually bright and sunny! Maddie met the Easter Bunny, and ever the people-lover, spread her arms towards him for a hug and then laughed and pet his face once she could get to him. My kid has NO stranger danger; McGruff and his crime-biting would be very disappointed.

Maddie's Easter basket.
We had a lovely Easter together and Madeleine did an amazing job of finding all of the eggs that I hid in the house, putting each one in her basket until she was done. Since we don't give her much candy or sugar, I had the idea to put rainbow Goldfish crackers in plastic eggs - pretty, noisy and delicious! It worked out really well and is definitely something I am going to repeat for future Easters.

Yummy Goldfish eggs.
I don't have too much to put into the ol' blog today - mostly just wanted to mention that the sun is trying to peek through the clouds, the flowers are starting to creep up from the dirt and I plan on spending as much time outside as possible for the foreseeable future! Oh, and to share some cute pictures from over the weekend!

Hope you see some sunshine today too!


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