Moms (mine, not Maddie's)

Hey guys! I've been a little quiet on the interwebs this week because my Mom is in town and we have been so busy having fun and spending all the time we can together in the short time that we get to be together.

Mom is taking care of Maddie while our nanny is having a well-deserved week off, allowing Matty and I to save our vacation days and Mom to have some solo bonding time with the tot. I am a little jealous of all the fun those two are having, but it is so good for them to have this time and to create these memories, and I got to come home to homemade spaghetti Tuesday and get go browse Target after work tonight, so I still get a lot of the bonus of having Mom here. Not to mention the fact that Mom took me shopping on Newbury Street while the tot was kind enough to snooze the whole time. I so rarely spend money on myself these days, so it was darn nice to be spoiled (thanks Mommy!).

I cannot even imagine how different our lives would be if we lived in the same state, or even the same time zone, and while it sucks the majority of the time, I am thankful that we see each other so often and that we still manage to talk (or text, or Skype) every day. I have always been incredibly close to my Mom, and despite the usual bumps and ups and downs that come with a mother/daughter relationship, I would have to say that having Maddie has allowed us to be even closer. I get to understand the whole parent/child relationship a lot better and my pursuit of more patience as a mama spills over into having more patience as a daughter.

I have lots of cute pics from this week, with more to come, and I promise to share a few soon! But until then, check out this kid. My goodness she melts my heart!

Waving at people, waiting to take a boat to George's Island.

Note the little Hello Kitty necklace, because she wanted to be like Mama. Swoon.

In other news,  I have been getting a little better at my personal balancing act, getting some good runs in (even one with Mom!), spending some time alone at night with Matty since a certain tiny person has finally been adjusting to her new bed situation and acknowledging and working on my anxiety instead of just ignoring it and letting it bring me down. I really want to do a blog series about my anxiety, and have even written a few words of it, but I am waiting for the right time to sit down and put finger to keyboard.

It has been a gorgeous week in New England and this weather is getting me a little too excited for fall, especially since I plan on getting at least two or three more beach trips in before putting the always-packed beach bag away for the season.

I will save you the thoughts of apple picking, pumpkin beers and sweaters, but they are coming and I am sure to dedicate too many blogs to them.

I added another tab at the top of my blog with the races that I have done, the ones I am scheduled to do, and the ones that are on my radar, since they are starting to add up!

Happy Thursday, y'all.


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