The Break Up

My future Banksy.
I have to admit something: I am in an unhealthy relationship that causes me to lose sleep, be less productive and makes me like myself a little less. So this week I decided to end it, a relationship that has lasted half of my life and given me (what I thought) were a lot of good memories. This week, I broke up with my snooze button.
I know, devastating, right? Those sweet 9 minute increments in my alarm are gone. No longer an option. A thing of the past.
It is day two and I am feeling like I can keep going. I can, right?
See, the thing is, I abuse the snooze button. I will hit that bitch for an hour, even more, because I think it is allowing me to get more sleep, but I know it's not. Then when I wake up I just feel tired and guilty for missing my morning run, having to rush around or not getting my usual morning snuggles and Sesame Street time in with Maddie. It was starting to get out of control, so with my first marathon only a month and a half away and my training needing to stay on track, I broke up with snooze.
I just hope I don't rebound with my old mistress "go to bed with make-up on". She's a real temptress, that one.

I am also cautiously optimistic that Maddie has really settled into her toddler bed and back into a good sleep schedule; she only managed to get into our bed once this week and that wasn't even until 4am! While I loved everything about co-sleeping and I sometimes like a good cuddly nap with her, most of the time she resembles a Tasmanian devil intent on kicking my throat like some sort of Mortal Kombat character, so the fact that she is enjoying her bed and getting good sleep in it might be pretty helpful for my breakup with the snooze button. Everything in relation to everything else, right? Next step, potty training!

Maddie Hammers, sleeping ninja kicker extraordinaire.

Matty starts school next week so we are going to spend the weekend doing a whole lot of organizing around the house to make the upcoming semester as stress free as possible. We have a toddler table and chairs to paint and loads of clothes and toys to be archived until baby number two is created. It amazes me the amount of clothes my little lady has amassed and even though I get super sad to put them away, there is no reason to wear them out and have her wearing ill-fitting clothes just because I am nostalgic. If our next spawn is a boy, we are going to have a lot of shopping to do, or someone is going to have to be super gender carefree about the color pink!

A little boy could totally rock the pink polo :)
We are also going to take Maddie to see the new carousel on the Rose Kennedy Greenway (opening this weekend!), do a little lunching in the North End and hopefully a little bit of relaxing since we get a whole three days without a ridiculous amount of plans crammed into our iCals. I am looking forward to actually spending some time around the house, finishing one of the books I am reading and maybe, just maybe, even sleeping in one day - no snooze button required!

I have not been doing so well with my goal to meditate more, but I did have another reiki session this week and I am attending a meditation session and talk by Noah Levine tonight. I am hoping that will provide the final inspiration to attempt a daily practice or some good tips on making it more of a priority. Last weekend I ran 18 miles and this weekend I am going for 19; when I was on my long run Sunday it was literally the first time since I started training where I actually believed that I can run a marathon and not curl up and die somewhere in the gutter around mile 15. Progress!

Happy three day weekend!


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