Currently, October Edition

I guess these have become a monthly routine for me; I really enjoy reading them on other blogger's pages and hope that you get some ideas from mine!

Maddie has been very interested in watching Disney movies lately, which is a-okay with me! We have a lot of the classics on DVD but I am finding that I want to have them all so she can grow up watching them just like I did. She will take one off the shelf (usually Nemo or Cars) and bring it to me and point at the Xbox (our method for playing DVDs). It kind of melts my heart. We tend to only have the tv on in the morning for news and PBS and at night after tubbie time, so lately the Disney viewing has been a family affair; Maddie and I even watched Bambi the other night and she was cracking up at the silly scene on the ice pond. So cute! I cannot wait to take her to Disneyworld and Disneyland in a couple of years; she will totally know who the characters are and really get to enjoy the magical experience along side this overgrown Disney kid!

Listening To
I made a pretty awesome playlist for my marathon and which I plan on using for my runs for a while considering it is over five hours of music and so totally random, from The Animals to Aretha to AC/DC and back. I have also been enjoying the new iTunes radio; I made a Dead Milkmen station and it plays some really awesome old punk rock and ska, which was our soundtrack coming home from the Cape last weekend. Nothing like very quietly rocking out to The Specials as your toddler sleeps in the back seat.

Still going strong on Maddie's second birthday party! My amazing culinary master AIL has finalized a really awesome menu, I ordered invitations today and tomorrow the little one and I are going to go start gathering the decorations and supplies that I have planned out. Having a kiddo that is into trains is so much fun and has made for a really fun Pinterest board to plan for her party. We are trying to get her excited and keep talking about her party and today she was saying "friends" after I told her how all her friends were going to come over to eat and have fun with her. Too cute.

Thinking About
How badly we want to buy a house. I really hope that everything falls into place with fixing our credit and paying down debt in the spring so that by this time next year we can be homeowners. I feel like there are certain things that I want to wait for (like baby number two) until we know that we are going to be in our own home and I just want it to happen. It is by far the most terrifying journey that we have taken and there are a million and one things that I have no idea about (property tax, huh?) but I am confident that team O'Shea will be victorious and things will happen just as they should.

I just finished The Talk Funny Girl and am currently plowing through Eleanor and Park in the hopes of finishing it before it is due back at the library. Both of these books are about young women with super shitty childhoods so they are  not the most uplifting reads, but there is a theme of resiliency, hope and kindness of others woven throughout that has made them both really great reads. Being a parent has made me super sensitive to stories like these and wanting to give Maddie all of the love and stability possible is pretty much my life's driving force, but I know that no matter what as long as I raise her to be confident and kind I will have done my job.

Making Me Happy
The weekend is here and it looks as though I am going to get to see all three of my best friends before Monday gets here! Amy is coming from NoHo tomorrow to hang out with a bunch of us Dot Rats and then I am taking her on a belated birthday dinner date in the North End. I cannot wait to eat and drink without having to pick stuff up off the floor (well, unless we drink too much wine) and get to talk about life and all that great stuff that best friends talk about. I am hoping to go for a little run tomorrow morning, get some shopping and cleaning done and then it will be friend central. Sunday we have Maddie's music class, church and hopefully some apple and pumpkin picking if a certain husband of mine is feeling less crappy than he felt this morning.

Happy Friday!


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