Mornings with Maddie

My favorite part of weekday mornings is my time spent with Madeleine before the hustle and bustle of our day begins. Usually I am up at 5(ish) and out the door for a run before she wakes up and back right when she is rousing. She is such a snugglebug in the mornings but as soon as her little feet hit the ground, she is off and running, usually until it's time for bed again.
Focusing on her coloring.
Lately she has been very into coloring, and I just adore watching her pick out different colors and create her little works of art. Sometimes she asks Mama to draw starts or hearts, and she's very into wanting people to draw the letter "A" for her over and over.

I try to use this time just to sit and watch her, I drink my coffee and we chat about what she is going to do that day. A calm before the storm.

These are the moments I savor, the ones that I reflect back on when life gets busy and I need a moment to breathe, relax and appreciate what I have.

Thanks for these morning with Mama, my dear Maddie, I love you very much.

Stickers like Mama!
My morning view.

And oh, those lashes.


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