Tuesday Catch Up

Well, here we are, just a few days until I run a marathon. YIKES! It seems like just February that I was freaking out about how to run a half marathon and swearing that it would be physically impossible for me to ever do a full; oh wait, that was this February! Oh how time flies/the craziness of life makes it seem a total blur when you're having fun. I am a mix of excited, nervous and anxious but very thankful that my marathon experienced husband will be by my side for the whole thing, and my AIL (that is Jane's new title, here on out) will be there at the end with her decades of nursing experience/cooking. I know I won't be fast, I probably won't be pretty and I definitely won't be walking normal for a while but it is going to be my race and I am going to run it!

On to other topics before I throw up on my desk...

Last night I went to a spin class with a friend who I don't see enough (that covers most my friends these days, darn you busy lives!) and it was super awesome! The woman teaching happened to be the same instructor that I used to have at Healthworks pre-wedding and during my pregnancy and she totally remembered me! She is so fun and lively and it was comforting to see a familiar face up there considering that I have not been on any sort of bike, stationary or not, since before I gave birth (YIKES!). This spin class is different in that about 3/4 of the way through you pull out a bar and do weights while continuing to spin. Totally crazy but totally awesome! I would really like to figure out a way to make this a regular thing in my life. If I had unlimited time and money I would love to do this class once a week, yoga twice a week and then run four times a week. But, alas, both time and money are super limited, so I am at least going to try and make it whenever I can and keep pretending like I am going to do yoga at home. Do you find it hard to practice outside of a studio, because I sure do, any tips for making it more of a reality? Any specific flows or videos you use? Would love some pointers around that because once my marathon is over I would really like to spend some of that extra training time doing yoga and building some upper body strength.

I also want to add that we immediately went over to the new Stephi's in Southie after spin and it was super good. We just had a drink and an appetizer but the ambiance was perfect, the menu looked great and the service was fantastic. I will definitely be back, maybe even with make-up on!

Loves those trains!
Our dear nanny has a medical issue that is keeping her out for a few days so yesterday I spent the day with my Mini. She is still sleeping like total crap, which has been super fun at night when Matty and I want to hang out and be adults or in the morning when I want to feel like a real person. And by super fun I mean TERRIBLE. But yesterday was not so bad; we both slept in a bit to make up for the late night, went to the indoor play space and the library and even took a nap together(!!!) She ended up sleeping for longer than I did so I got up and did some random cleaning projects and perused slow cooker recipes until it was time for her to get up. Today Matty is with her and then tomorrow my dear friend Robyn is going to take her for the day. The African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child could not be any truer than in these times of chaos and school and work and marathon training. If it wasn't for our nanny, my AIL and all our friends that always step up to help out I have no idea how I would be able to do a third of what I do. Raising children without a huge family around to help is really hard but having a hand picked family of friends really makes up for it and we really have the best friends when it comes to helping us out with childcare, teaching Maddie cool things and helping us maintain some semblance of social lives and adult connections. We really, really love you guys and cannot thank you enough for everything you do for us!

I hope your week is filled with more sleep but just as much love as ours!

Supermarket sweep!
She CAN sleep!
Very intent on building something awesome.
Her new favorite library book Trucks Roll.


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