I'm Still Here!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here! Life has been a whirlwind lately and it seems like this holiday season has been busier than ever! I thought I'd play a little catch up and let you know what we've been up to around here. 
Two Saturdays ago Matty and I attended his company holiday party at the MFA and got to see the Sargent watercolor exhibit that we've been dying to see sans toddler or big crowds. It's an incredible exhibit and I highly recommend seeing it before it leaves. Some of the paintings look more like oil than watcolor and there's some great stories about the artists life and travels. We also had really good food, lots of bubbly and a chance to dress up and enjoy each other. 
The next day we decorated our tree, drove around and looked at all the pretty lights in our neighborhood and had a major cuddle fest in anticipation of me leaving on my first business trip away from home since Maddie was born. It actually went a lot smoother than I could have hoped for too! Maddie slept well and didn't miss Mama too terribly, I had a great and productive time at the conference I attended, and I got to stay up late and explore Colonial Williamsburg a bit. It's such a neat area and somewhere I'd definitely want to spend more time someday. There were some really great restaurants and the old colonial area was so pretty, especially since it was all done up for the holidays. 
I got home late Thursday night because US Airways sucks and caused us to miss a flight and have to take a later one home, but both myself and my luggage made it in ine piece, and I got to get some great snuggles from Maddie before heading into the office Friday morning. 

Yesterday we got our house ready for my Mom and Step-Dad, who were supposed to get in last night, but are on their way in today due to a pounding from Mother Nature that cancelled all flights to Boston. After a cleaning spree we dropped Maddie off with my AIL and attended a friend's wedding. 

It was such a pretty winter wedding and we had the chance to hang out with friends that we haven't really seen since the last wedding we all attended! I definitely drank too much and had a rough night/morning but I'm so thrilled to be picking my Mom up in an hour that the sour tummy is hardly bothering me...also thanks to Dunkies breakfast sandwiches for that one. 

Whew, all caught up! I'm looking forward to a week off work to spend with my family and do all the festive Christmas things: baking, eating and watching Maddie take in the magic of the season! Here's a few snaps of the past few days in our crazy busy life! Happy Sunday!


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