Merry Christmas(time)!

I swear she was really excited to see him when we were in line! Ha!
Hi everyone! I hope you all had a super, duper, happy Christmastime! We had a whirlwind time with Grandma and Grandpa in town the week before, Christmas Eve dinner at my AIL's with our niece, her parents and Kate and then Christmas Day at home, just the three of us.

I love Christmas and experiencing it through Maddie's eyes makes it about a kajllion times better, but I am definitely at that point where I am just looking forward to things getting back to normal, schedules being consistent and a new year to tackle!

I was very spoiled this Christmas and am extra thankful for my wonderful husband and his ability to give really good gifts as well as my Mama who  spoils me to pieces when she comes to visit us. It is literally the only time of year that I allow myself to get new things and I sure got some awesome stuff. I finally got a pair of leather boots and have pretty much worn them every second that I am not barefoot or in running shoes since then!

Of course Maddie got a bunch of wonderful new toys, books and warm clothes and she was definitely enjoying opening gifts and helping to deliver them from under the tree on Christmas Day. She has become such a little person over these last few weeks - her vocabulary is growing each day and she has started to show preferences and opinions and all those traits that make the twos and threes so....interesting. 

In addition to things getting back to their regularly scheduled programming, I am happy to be back to this blog and share some of the plans and adventures we have coming in 2014!

I hope you enjoy your weekend - we are looking forward to some solid time with friends and our first long runs of our new marathon training plans! 

And since it has been a while, here are some pictures of our Christmas funtimes!

I love how the Museum of Science dresses this dude up for winter.
Maddie reading at the JFK Museum. Future president? I think so!
Of course no girl's day with Grandma is complete without Pinkberry.
Using her new easel and drawing up a storm.
At her first 5k, munching a homemade doughnut (thanks, Dada)!


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