About That Pregnancy

We definitely could not be anymore excited to tell everyone the news that we are adding a fourth member to our family. Not one to like to keep any sort of good news to myself, I enlisted Maddie to help spread the word to all our friends and family on Facebook. I think her face says it all! Big sister status is exciting stuff!

Although we were trying, the fact that I am pregnant came as a pretty big surprise,  especially since the stress and sleepless nights of the home buying situation were not what I considered prime conditions under which to make a baby. But, lo and behold, we got exactly what we wished for and found out the first morning in our new house, which is a pretty funny story:

Matty had taken a quick trip back to the old place to get the rest of our things that the awful movers couldn't fit in the truc the day before. As he did that I did a little unpacking while also getting us ready to go to the Newport Jazz Fest. I happened to be in the bathroom and came across the pregnancy tests that I bought in anticipation of our plan and decided to take one since I was a couple of days late (which I had  honestly chalked up to the stress of the move). What a surprise when I came back to check on it and saw that one little word that had changed our life a few years before. PREGNANT! Of course, Matty was not home yet so I called him and tried to play it cool while trying to figure out when he was going to be back because I absolutely cannot keep anything from him, especially something like this! I paced around like a crazy woman until he got home and then non-chalantly asked him if he had remembered seeing the bin of maternity clothes we store in the basement. It took him a minute to figure out why  was asking such an obscure question in the middle of all the moving chaos, but when it hit him, he lit up just as I knew he would and we had a little "holy crap we did it and this is all happening and  ahhhhhhh!!!!" moment together. 

And now, here we are!

My first pregnancy was a dream with not one iota of sickness and all the time in the world to pamper myself, sleep and act like I was the first pregnant  woman to ever grace the planet with my fertile presence.  This one, well, not so much. While I have not been so sick as to throw up, I spent the first 8 weeks in a constant state of wishing I would just puke and feel better or that I could just lay down and not get up for 9 months. Unfortunately, a busy toddler, a new house, a progressing career and a triathlon to train for made all of that completely impossible. I sucked it up as best I could, let myself be a hot mess in the confines of our new house, and luckily had a pretty great upswing at the 8 week mark. Lucky for us, my Mom had been with us for the 7th week and helped us out a ton and then on the way to take her to the airport and spend a long weekend in Vermont I bought Sea Bands and ginger lozenges that combined pretty awesomely with fresh mountain air and three days of naps and relaxation. We drove home from Vermont to make my first doctor appointment and I was already feeling so much more human and ready to hear that sweet little heartbeat. Talk about tears of joy when the nurse picked up that sound and then pulled Maddie in for a listen!

This little one will be here right around Easter and with a second-time baby bump already pushing out, I am starting to get pretty excited. I cannot wait to see Maddie in a sibling role and watch that amazing husband of mine become an amazing Daddy to another little one. 

As for me, I am on a train from NYC to Boston and sat next to the cafe car for a reason :)

Thanks for sharing in this excitement with us!


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