Things I Learned on my Sickbed

I'm happy to be writing this on the other side of a pretty awful five days; and more so that I can sit up and not cough long enough to write. A tickle in my throat Tuesday turned into a pretty crummy feeling Wednesday which had me in my doctor's office Thursday with a diagnosis of bronchitis and possible pre-pneumonia. Pretty scary stuff, especially at 12 weeks pregnant! I was given antibiotics and told to stay home the rest of the week but by Friday night I could barely breathe. It was painful and terrifying so after being up all night we headed into the ER in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday where I was told I had full-blown pneumonia. I spent 8 hours doing breathing treatments, and getting IV antibiotics and steroids to open me up. I was able to feel better enough at the end of all that to convince my Dr. I could avoid being admitted overnight, and now I'm feeling loads better; I even walked to the park at the corner without getting winded tonight! Such a sad accomplishment for a marathoner who hasn't had bronchitis in about 20 years!
I had a lot of time on my hands, so here is what I took away from all this sick time. 

In sickness and in health is real. 
I have a very awesome husband and the way he took care of me, Maddie and everything that needed to happen for me to get better was nothing short of heroic. It's awful to be sick, even more so when pregnant and worse yet when you have a two year old who has no concept of leaving Mama alone. Matty did everything for me, even getting sick himself in the process and I could not love him more for it. 

Family saves the day. 
My AIL was kind enough to throw her weekend out the window to take Maddie while we were at the ER so I wouldn't have to be alone and Maddie could have some time to run around and be a kid. Then, she even took her for a few hours on Sunday so we could rest and Maddie could to the aquarium. What would we do without her? No, really, I can't even comprehend a world without her!

I don't do "nothing" well. 
There are only so many blogs to read, episodes of Six Feet Under to binge watch and social media to peruse before I lose my mind. I had to miss out on two birthday parties, hours of painting the house and so many miles of running this weekend! It was miserable. I seriously start getting depressed and melancholy when I can't do stuff...hence the groceries and house cleaning and slow cooker dinners at the world's slowest pace yesterday. I just don't have that off switch! I sucked it up and did what I needed for me and this baby I'm growing, but goodness was it tough.

So, I'm feeling a lot better and happy/terrified of my desk for going back to work tomorrow. Thanks to all my lovely friends and family who texted and offered help; it was much appreciated and will be reciprocated in chicken soup whenever you need it!

My little nurse keeping watch over Mama with her iPad and cuddles. 

Hooray for feeling better and a few minutes at the park!


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