It's a Sister!

This past weekend we made an appointment for a gender determination sonogram at one of those weird "see your baby in 3D and make a pop up video about them" places because my doctor said that she couldn't order another sonogram since I have a healthy, low-risk pregnancy (a lovely problem to have, I know). So, begrudgingly, but really wanting to know whether this is a little brother or little sister, we paid $70 and finally got a good peek at this little baby. 
The sonogram tech was super nice and made it really fun by slowly typing out "it's a girl" on the big screen we were all watching and once I saw that "g" I was so excited, but at the same time felt very un-surprised. We are two families that make girls, and I just feel like I am made to be the mama of girls. Boys are awesome, and I like the one that I married an awful lot, but girls are my thing and I am thrilled to be bringing another one into the world along side my little firecracker, Maddie.

A little sister! Another daughter! All those adorable clothes in the basement waiting to be worn by another little person! And no chance in hell that I am giving up the third room office/guest room/arts and crafts room! Exciting times, indeed. 

So now, halfway through this pregnancy (20 weeks today!) it is full-steam ahead to prepare for our new family member and the idea of raising two kids.

I just started reading this book Siblings Without Rivalry and it is truly scaring the only-child shit out of me. As with any parent, I want my kids to get along, for their sanity and my own, and I really hope that having a sibling will be a positive experience for Maddie but since I have no reference point I had no idea how much could (and does) go wrong in the sibling relationship. As if the pressure to raise a strong, involved, empathetic and kind woman was not pressure enough, now I have to add "and also don't hate your sister and forever compare yourself to her" to that list. Don't get me wrong, the book is super helpful and making me think about the way I want us to parent the girls as siblings, but the horror stories make being a slightly weird bookwormish only child seem not so awful!

Tomorrow my first little lady turns three years old and on Saturday we will throw her a big ol' dinosaur themed party at the Boston Children's Museum. I can't wait to see what the next year of Maddie brings and am hoping that she will love being a big sister as much as she is doing so now!

Happy Thursday, y'all. I am off to get a serious split ends trim for the first time in an embarrassingly long time :)

Telling her baby sister all about the world outside of mama's belly.
Yay sisterhood!


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