Our Halloween, 2014

I realize that Halloween was a week ago, but in the grand scheme of how crazy things have been around these parts, I must say I am pretty excited I am getting this post up so soon! We have lots to catch up on (a trip to Brooklyn, baby #2's mystery sonogram) but for now, here is a bit of our Halloween fun!

We took Maddie out to IHOP the morning of Halloween; I had not been there in years and was so excited to see the boysenberry syrup still rocking it in the little carafe! They had a free pancake deal for kiddos that came out like a jack-o-lantern and more sugar than any kid needs before 8am :) We all enjoyed and think we might have to make this a silly annual tradition.

We went trick-or-treating around my AIL's neighborhood because it is kind of the most awesome place for littles. Most of the houses on the streets participate and there are a lot of young kids out so we just traveled in a big ol' candy hunting pack. There is one house that goes ALL OUT every year and while it kind of spooked Maddie (and her God Mama), it made for an awesome starting out point for our night. Maddie was having so much fun going up to strangers and saying hello; she got a little mixed up on her "trick-or-treat" and "thank-yous" but overall she kept her manners and patience well for an almost three year old who is getting free sweets. 

The weekend before Halloween we went to the Castle Island Haunted Fort party that we go to every year and this year Maddie's BFF (Ninja Turtle Elsa) joined us. The girls had a great time checking out the fort, getting candy corn tattoos and generally running around like crazy people. 

We even managed to get a night of pumpkin carving in (the weekend before!) and this time Maddie was pretty hands-on, though it started off poorly when she accused Daddy of killing the pumpkin upon his first cut. Whoops. This is the (one) downside of raising such an empathetic kid! She requested a happy pumpkin and so Daddy did his best, and we think it turned out pretty awesome! Every night Maddie asked to say goodnight to her pumpkin and every morning she wanted to say good morning, so I think it is safe to say she approved of his handiwork. She is already talking about how we need more pumpkins next year, and I have to say that I agree! Maybe one for each of the four of us?!

I hope you all had a super wonderful Halloween and were able to steal as much candy from your littles as I have!


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