Happy 4th Birthday, Maddie Jane!

Last night after I tucked Maddie in and whispered "goodnight, my three year old" she told me "and tomorrow I am four and it is going to be awesome" and I don't doubt it for one second.

Our Maddie is a lover of life, of friends, of fun and EXCITEMENT. She is the least shy person I have ever met and makes friends wherever she goes. Everyone knows her - at school, at church, at the local breakfast diner - because she is quite unforgettable with her big smile and need to talk to and hug anyone she meets.

She is kind and funny and smart beyond what I could have imagined and although raising a big personality doesn't come without some big exhaustion I would not have it any other way.

Maddie Jane, you light up our family's life like a meteor storm. You get the biggest smile out of Annabel and have taken this year of change and chaos and run with it (quite literally). We love managing your busy social calendar just as much as we love snuggling with you over three (no less!) books every night.

Your Daddy loves his football and popcorn buddy and taking you for games of soccer at the park; I love our walks to school where we talk about everything from your love of unicorns and what color we should paint your room (someday, you will make up your mind!),

When you woke up to the balloons Daddy and I snuck into your bedroom this morning in true Maddie fashion you said "thank you for my birthday" but really we are the ones who thank God every day for you.

Happy fourth birthday, kiddo, we can't wait to celebrate you all weekend long.



gardenbaby said…
Beautifully said mama. You have a very precious gift in Maddie

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