Our Halloween

I am thrilled to report that Maddie may be just as excited about holidays as her mama; from decorating the house to arts and crafts projects about the big day, not to mention the actual day when it finally, finally came, she was INTO Halloween this year.

We spent the weeks before watching movies (The Great Pumpkin being a family fave), carving pumpkins and attending as many Halloween festivities as we could fit into our schedule.

And talk about getting some mileage out of a costume! We got a lot of use out of that unicorn and little Annie had three that she rotated based on the party (and ability to crawl as fast as she could in it). We had a school Halloween party, a trip to the Castle Island Halloween Party with their new nanny, the annual Pumpkin Float, pumpkin carving with our awesome neighbors and a little costume parade around the neighborhood with Maddie's school; she even got to wear her costume at dance class! I was really glad she loved the costume so much and didn't try and change her mind. Unicorn FOR LIFE (or at least a month).

I managed to convince some friends to come over and sit on the porch (it was so nice out!) to hand out candy and drink festive libations while Maddie and her Daddy went out and scored a ton of candy. Our neighborhood was filled with kids and Maddie came back with a ton of candy and a smile from ear to ear from having spent her night chatting with all her friends and making friends with anyone she didn't yet know.

Now we are fully into 4th birthday planning and Thanksgiving pie dreams....even if Maddie still insists on watching Halloween movies and not "thanks be giving" movies every night still.

My little owl/skeleton.

At the Pumpkin Float.

Cutest unicorn ever!

School Halloween Party!

Bat baby!

At the Castle Island Halloween party (photo cred: awesome nanny).

Dino baby!
Very proud that this was not a Pintrest fail.


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