5 Things I Love // 3

This simple golf ball rolling technique. I do it when I am sitting at my desk and it feels so good and has definitely helped with a sore arch that I have been experiencing this marathon training. It took about 4 years and 2 marathons but I am finally getting into these little upkeep tricks for my body!

I just finished a great book about the funeral industry/death and dying and it has really made me think about how my own anxiety flares up around this subject. Before grad school I took a stint as a deputy coroner where I was responsible for responding to all deaths in the county from 4pm to 4am and had to tag, bag, photograph and call the funeral home. It was an incredible experience and helped me realize that working with dead people was likely not my calling, due mostly to my inability to separate the body from the life (damn you extreme empathy) and maybe even helped push me into a life of helping people while they are still alive. BUT I wonder what would have happened if my anxiety had not been so bad at that point in my life and I would have had more support in pursuing it or at least sticking it out for longer (I only lasted a few months). I am at a point in my life now where I feel more comfortable getting out of my comfort zone and pushing my limits in the name of self exploration and I with I could go back and try it out with where I am at now. Such is aging and growing I guess though, right?

Closing in on some serious financial goals. I have made no secret about some big goals that we have set to get ourselves stable and working towards future goals and I am really proud at how well we have been analyzing our spending and seeking out ways to cut frivolous spending. It is a work in progress but I am getting out of my comfort zone and really making my eyes be open to how we spend our money and how we can reach our short and long term goals. Such a hard thing to do but really great when there is a light at the end of the tunnel (even if the tunnel is realllllly long).

The vanity reasons around marathon training. Of course there is the glory of the race, the fun of doing it with so many friends and the great feeling that I am running for an amazing charity, but as of today I have lost 31 pounds since I came home from the hospital with Annie and that is pretty freaking awesome. I usually gain weight when I train because of muscles and eating more than I really ran off (math is not my strong point) but even with all that I have manged to drop some serious L-Bs. Of course breastfeeding and chasing two little people around when I am not chasing the unicorn have a lot to do with it, but it is really exciting to be closing in on a year postpartum with even less weight than before I got pregnant. I am going to eat so much this weekend to celebrate.

Home sweet home projects. This is the time of year when I start thinking about being outside and having people over for cookouts and I now have a serious list of things I want to get done around our house. This summer will mark our second anniversary of home-ownership and I finally feel like I have enough energy to get some things done and am actually impressed with some things we managed to get taken care of over the winter. Watch out. Pintrest, because I have a current obsession with creating a back deck oasis that is already driving Matt insane.


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