Happy First Birthday, Annabel Marie!

It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed since this little human came into our lives. Two weeks early and at first the calmest little baby that ever did live....now we have a walking, talking, screeching, eating machine! Oh what a difference a year makes! Although it is tomorrow, Mama has to run 22 miles and then get your birthday party together, so here is Annabel at one (minus one day)!

At one year Annie is:
Laughing (this forced deep laugh that cracks us all up)
Saying 'Dada', 'kitty' and 'Mama' (finally! this JUST started!)
Sleeping about 11 hours a night in her own space (we stopped cosleeping about three weeks ago when it stopped being the best way for everyone to get a good night's sleep)
Nursing and eating at least three meals and two snacks a day (tank baby!)
Around 20 pounds and still pretty short (compared to me and sister)

Her favorites:
People: big sister (who gets the biggest smiles and most attention), her nanny Hezzie, Mama and Dada, all the teachers and kids at Maddie's school who say hello to her each morning and afternoon
Foods: pasta, yogurt, Dada's pancakes, every fruit so far, every veggie so far, pretty much anything she can put in her mouth
Games: peek-a-boo, dance parties, playing with her sister's toys when she's not been invited, Duplos, play kitchen food and real kitchen pots and pans to bang around

Not being held or not being put down to roam as soon as she wants to be
Mama leaving her line of sight
Closed doors that keep her from getting into fun things like trash cans or toilet paper rolls

Annie bannanie, we cannot imagine our lives without you and feel so complete in our little family. You are a snuggly, sweet joy and loved more than you can imagine. Happy birthday!


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