Our Summer Bucket List

Even though this weekend went from bare legs outside on Saturday to an extra couple of layers this morning, I am completely dreaming of summertime. We got a few new pieces of furniture pieces for the back porch and took the entire grill and lounge set up for a test drive this weekend and I want MORE.

The other night I thought it would be fun to go around the dinner table and let everyone choose a couple of items for our summer bucket list since I am usually the one who makes/hijacks all the planning fun. Here is what we came up with:
Maddie chose the roller coaster park (Six Flags, which my uncle awesomely got us season passes to so this will be happening quite a few times) and water slides (also something that Six Flags has, so two birds - one stone!).
Matt wants beach, beach and more beach which will be fulfilled by a week in Maine with my AIL at The Cottages near Wells and hopefully many weekend trips to our local favorite beaches.
Mama chose a weekend in Mystic, CT to go to The Dinosaur Place and the Mystic Aquarium which we have never been to (already booked!) and I wanted to go to Thomas Land at Edaville since I really miss that damn train, but Matt suggested we wait a few more months until Annie can really appreciate it, so I want to check out the Whaling Museum in New Bedford.
Annabel seems to be excited about being outside, splashing in water and eating food - so we think that she will be pleased as punch with our family selections.

June will mark the end of Maddie's first year in school and I finally get why parents get a little excited because not having to drag her out of bed and get her ready while trying to get ourselves ready and keep to our respective running schedules and also taking care of the baby who loves to walk around the house making huge messes is going to be AWESOME. We have Maddie signed up for a couple of different summer camps as well as the YES Track program so she will be busy but not so much that we can't wake up early on any given Saturday morning and escape to the beach, which is going to be lovely. Poor Annie needs to get a good summer activity in too, so I think I will look into enrolling her in the music or gymnastics program that Maddie did as a tiny one so that I can avoid the unfairness that happens to the second child!

Here is to warm summer evenings and babies in bathing suits, even if I do have a fleece on!


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