I am fully aware that there is one epic Disneyland post owed to this blog to round out my summer travel documentary but it has been since August and so what is another week (or month) in the grand scheme of things?

One November I took the time to blog every single day about something I was thankful for and today I am slow clapping at how I ever managed to pull that off. Sometimes I have to think for at least a minute or five on the train to work about whether or not I brushed my teeth that morning (so far I have not missed a day) so how I blogged daily is a mystery to me. Not to say that I wouldn't love to though because putting words down makes me happy, even if they are sporadic, but sadly not happening until someone reads my letter and gets on that extra three hours in a day.

But hey November is here! As a New Englander this is just about my favorite time of year aside from the first beach days of summer. The crisp air, the crunchy leaves and the colors everywhere are enough to make you forget that winter is coming and the ability to feel extremities is almost gone.

November also means that the big kid is having a birthday and is going to be FIVE which is insane to me because she was just born yesterday. I have to say that I do love this age so much - she is independent but still a little cuddle bug and just about the funniest and most imaginative person I have ever met. I have never been the mom that gets sad as her kids grow because I kind of knew that would happen when I had them and keep finding things to appreciate as they grow (like Maddie's ability to ride a plane to and from DC without a single issue - iPad, snacks, coloring, good to go!). Four has been increasingly awesome and I am looking forward to the adventures the next year bring us.

Meanwhile, Annie is rounding the bend to the 20 month mark and is single-handedly trying to bring me, the house, and everything she can get her hands on down into a pile of rubble. The good news is that she will make a great rugby player someday. And she was going to be our easy one....

But I just wanted to come here and say that even though I won't be posting it every day I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. Life is so good right now. It is messy, tiring, a bit in transition and not without chaos but my goodness how lucky I am to be living it.

I posted a lot on Instagram about our trip to DC and Halloween but wanted to share some of my favorite candid shots here because life, man, good stuff.

Oh, your best friend doesn't work across the park from the White House? Mine does!

Just cheesing outside of Obama's digs.

Matt ran 26.2 miles and Maddie was there to comfort him and steal his bread sticks immediately after.

Halloween cheesing. Love these faces so much. 


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