A Month of Thanks, Day Thirty

Aaaaand fini. I'm amazed I was able to take time each day to write a bit (or at least almost every day) but not at all surprised that I found something different to be thankful for all thirty days. 

Life is messy and complicated and not the picture perfect Instagram pictures we see every day, but there is beauty to be found in it all. Even on my hardest days, in the thick of exhaustion and anxiety, it takes just a glance at my healthy baby girl or a chat with my wonderful husband, a text from my best friend or an early morning run to know that I have a lot to be thankful for. 

Today I am thankful for all that I have but also for what is to come in the next year. Although I can't predict the future, I do plan on meeting some big goals in the months to come and I'm excited to be at a stage in my life where things are consistent and wonderful but there are always chances for improvement. I get to be a part of a huge new chapter in my organization; Maddie is growing and learning every day; Matty is moving along through school; my BFF is moving back to Boston; my race goals are set and we are working hard to be able to buy a home. I'm thankful to be comfortable in my life and know that I'm surrounded by the love and support needed to work towards my goals and always be improving my ability to be the best mama, friend, wife and daughter that I can be. 

Thanks for following along this month and for all the love, support and encouragement. 

Happy December (tomorrow)!

We took Maddie to family day at the ICA, here I am photobombing her while she makes a zine. 
Working hard!
And a rare moment of sleep; pray for more of this in the upcoming months!


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