A Month of Thanks, Day Seven

Today I want to acknowledge how thankful I am for my job. In today's climate it's mostly just a blessing to have a job, but I actually get to be thankful for having a job that I love, with an organization that I believe in and a boss that I absolutely adore. My blog tells the story of how I left my organization for a few months but it may not explain how I was able to return to an organization that I love to do work that I was called from God to do.
Today I went from a site visit to some desk time to an awesome event for work and I knew my blog would have to acknowledge how lucky I am to be in my position. I get to spend my day knowing that I make the world a better place for my community and I get to work with an incredibly talented and passionate team of people. I also have a boss who I admire, trust and adore; a woman who I'm constantly learning from and emulating. I spent a few months away but I've been thankful every day since to be back home with my team, and especially to have the mentor I have to work with. 
Thank you for making my weekdays amazing, team!


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