A Month of Thanks, Weekend Edition

I wasn't as good about keeping up with this over that weekend, though I had plenty of things to be grateful for, I guess I was too busy enjoying and recuperating to get them down on my blog. So here's a roundup!

Friday I was thankful for jazz. For Miles Davis' 'Kind of Blue' during a takeout Indian dinner because we were all to pooped to cook or even think about what to cook. And because sometimes you just have to have someone bring your dinner over while you listen to a trumpet solo in your pjs. 
I've always loved jazz and was lucky to grow up knowing Davis, Coltrane, Gillespie, Ellington, Holiday and Fitzgerald. It's something that has stayed with me through all my phases of life and something I'm hoping to pass along to my children. Nothing can make a long week roll of your back the way a good jazz song does. 
Maybe that's why I fell asleep at 8 that night?!

Saturday I went out early for an 8 mile run that turned into 9 miles because I took some weird turns to get as many hills in as possible. I know, it's awful, but I'm actively seeking hills out before I start training for the Hyannis half in February because my goal is to finish in (under) two hours and torturing yourself on hills helps with speed. 
Later, Maddie and I spent the afternoon with my AIL. I don't have a mother-in-law, but I get all the benefits of one in my AIL and completely adore her and our girl time together. She's the best and takes such good care of the three of us and someday when I win the lottery she and I are going on a serious culinary tour of all the major European cities. I am so thankful for her company, love and knowledge of everything from cooking to my made-up medical maladies; Maddie and I are lucky to get to spend so much time with her while Matty is stuck home studying on Saturdays :) We got everything for Maddie's 2nd birthday party next weekend (!!!) and managed to get through BJs on a Saturday unscathed. We are a seriously good shopping trio!

Today we woke up after a night out at the Wang YMCA Gala, where we ate 10 some odd courses of Chinese food and actually made it home without bursting. Maddie had an awesome night hanging with our friend Jillian, and was all sorts of cheery and adorable, even letting Mama sleep in until 7 while her and Dada made batter for our post-mass breakfast with Kendra and Uncle V. I'm so thankful to have a job where I get to have weekends to have friends over, cook awesome food, take naps and spend time together as a family. I love having two days straight to relax, rejuvenate and clean like a crazy woman. 

I hope your weekend was full of things to be thankful for too!
Mac and cheese is really good conditioner, FYI.
A birthday present from one of her Godmama's. She's over the moon and kept showing me her "Pawh!" (her name for Thomas). 
I LOVE this picture we got sent from our sitter Saturday night. Total Maddie moment.


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