A Month of Thanks, Day Five

I've written about this before, but today I'm incredibly thankful for my village.
It really, truly does take a village to raise a child (and not just to take care of the child, but the parents too) and we have a really awesome village that we can always count on to help us out.

Raising a kiddo without grandparents around is really hard, especially when you have two parents with thriving careers, social lives and hobbies and one parent in school. We've never left Maddie with a stranger or some internet sitter and that's because our village is always there to help us out and take some time to spend with Maddie and let us do the things we need to do. I'm so thankful for cleared weekend nights, immediately returned texts and emails and never being made to feel guilty about how often I've had to ask for help this month. We have such wonderful and selfless people in our lives and I appreciate each one of you for helping us to raise this awesome little human. Friends, family and our amazing nanny, we couldn't do this without you, and we sure as heck wouldn't have such a well-loved little villager.

Thank you.

This was worth all the sand in our shoes at home.

She realized she could float her "fwends" around on her book. Genius.


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