A Month of Thanks. Day One

Within the hustle and bustle of every day it is very easy for me to forget about all of the great things that I have around me to be thankful for and to instead focus on the things I am not so thankful for (not enough money, not enough sleep, cranky toddlers). In the spirit of the month of Thanksgiving, and on this holy day where we honor the saints, I am kicking off a month of giving thanks. Every day I want to think of something that I am thankful for and share it with you and hope that it will serve as a month long reminder of how much love and joy there is in my world. Feel free to follow along!

November 1st: Today I am thankful for a warm, rain-free Halloween in which we took Maddie trick-or-treating for her first time, handed out goodies to cute littles all dressed up and ate warm soup around the table together while Maddie said "zuppa!" in appreciation for one of her new favorite foods.

Happy November!

Trick or Treating with Dada.
The happiest firefighter there ever was.
Playing with her firetruck puzzle.
Curly pigtails and firetrucks = pure Maddie.
All clean after zuppa for dinner!


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