A Month of Thanks, Day Twenty-Nine

We had our Thanksgiving feast today (ok, now yesterday, but it was so good it knocked me off my blogging feet!) and it sure was awesome. Lots of good food and quality time with family, not to mention lots of snuggles with this curly haired sweet thing. 
New Christmas pjs and bed head are the BEST.
I'm thankful that I have this time off to spend with my little family and that we are really getting to relax and enjoy each other during this long weekend. We are keeping our schedule fairly loose and not setting the alarm clock until Monday.
Speaking of, I woke up past seven, which is super late for us and made adorable cookies while Matty went for a run. 
These were a lot easier to decorate than they look and just as yummy as you would imagine.
We tag teamed out once he got home and I went to my my third yoga class this week! I'm loving getting all this yoga in and it's doing my body and mind good. If I were able to add another few hours to the day I would definitely make yoga classes a mandatory part of each morning.

We spent the rest of the day at my AIL's eating and relaxing. I'm so excited for another two days off and my final thanks post tomorrow (or, today) so I can try out sone new post ideas around here. So Happy day after Thanksgiving! I hope that your tummies are still full and you are able to enjoy this weekend with the people you love too!


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