A Month of Thanks, Day Twenty-One

Ok, so I am definitely writing this post a day late, but that is what I am thankful for - that I fell asleep super exhausted last night and proceeded to get an amazing's night sleep! No late night blogging or tossing and turning with a toddler foot in my neck because she slept all night in her own bed!

Thanks be to Mr. Sandman! Or, at least thanks to our awesome nanny and our own patience for working on getting her back in a better sleep groove.

Today is Friday, tonight we have a dinner date with Kate and tomorrow I get to go for a long run and do whatever we want! Glory, glory what a good night's sleep will do for your outlook. I am hoping that we have turned the bend with the sleep thing, but even if not, it is so nice to get at least one night of good sleep!

Also, I am in a total Christmas shopping mood and spent some time of Shutterfly making some very awesome photo gifts this morning; they are having a 40% off sale until Monday too so if you are in the market, now is a good time!

I hope you all have a lovely Friday and a great weekend!

Maddie and her new puzzles!


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