A Month of Thanks, Day Four

Today was a day that I was really glad for this blog series because I had many not-so-thankful moments throughout the day. Stress about money, the upcoming holidays, whether my kid eats enough vegetables, a typical Monday; I felt I had a lot of things to complain about. Then I rode the train home with Maddie and two friends, got home to a warm house and made a dinner that included veggies that Maddie wanted seconds and thirds of. After a tubbie and a chat with her Papa, Maddie asked me to play trains with her. "Play twains, Mama?". Yes, please, baby girl.

Today I'm happy for the quiet moments of playing with Maddie, watching her mind work and her imagination run wild. I love the way she reconfigures things, snapping them together and rearranging based on some awesome blueprint in her head. 

I love watching her create, think and enjoy her life and it reminds me that all I need to do sometimes is think, reconfigure and let my own mind slow down. I'm reminded that the good stuff is right there on the floor, smelling of lavender shampoo and clean laundry, waiting for me to help snap a train together. 
Thanks for reminding me of all I have to be thankful for, baby girl. 


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