A Month of Thanks, Day Twenty-Seven

I had the day off today and the rain storm that we were promised was truly a deluge. I woke up at four o'clock to the sound of rain and wind, put on my running gear and drove to the shelter where I meet my Back on My Feet team. It would have been easy to stay in bed, but I was looking forward to seeing my team and making sure they know I care enough to get up and spend the day before Thanksgiving with them. We decided to go get coffee instead of run, which no one seemed to mind, and we spent the time talking about our upcoming races, Thanksgivings past and the future. What a site we must have been at five o'clock in the morning, head to toe running gear, ages ranging at least thirty years, just having some morning coffee. 
I joined Back on my Feet in May, hopeful to get back to volunteering while also sharing my passion of running with others and having some fun. What's happened has been that and so much more. I have made connections with both res and non-res runners, become invested in their lives and running goals and had so much fun at five fifteen every Wednesday morning that it's kind of unbelievable. It's a simple thing for me to do each week and given me a way to combine my passions and be a part of something much bigger. 
I'm thankful for for my Back on my Feet family and could not more highly recommend joining if you're interested. 
Here we are in the deluge!


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