A Month of Thanks, Day Sixteen

Whew, playing another round of post-weekend catch up, but what a weekend it was! We threw Madeleine a Thomas the Train themed second birthday party, invited over a bunch of her friends and then watched them have the time of their lives in a leaf pile. I am so thankful for our friends and their wonderful kids who came over and gave Maddie an awesome birthday celebration. 

We had spent the whole week before talking about her party and telling her that her friends were going to come over and play and she was so excited when it finally happened. The morning was not without it's share of stress - no nap, a bit tongue and lots of blood, rushing around to pick everything up - but by the time everyone showed up all the stress evaporated and we all just had a wonderful time celebrating two years of having this dynamic little lady in our lives.

The food was incredible thanks to my AIL (who could have her own catering business if our friends had it their way), the kids had a blast, the adults had enough beer, the weather was beautiful enough to be outside and Maddie got a ton of super awesome presents.

Thank you everyone that came and made Maddie's day so unforgettable! I am so thankful to have you all in our lives!


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