A Month of Thanks, Day Twenty-Four

When Matty and I decided it was the right time to have a baby, second to my fear of not having my Mom close was my fear about not having any close mom friends in Boston. I'm lucky that my three best friends are all a) super experienced with children b) super in love with Maddie and c) super supportive of my breeder status, but I worried about Maddie not having any built in friends by way of me having friends with kids. My Mom and her best friends were all pregnant together like some Lifetime movie about Gloucester and I always thought it was so neat that she could hang out with her friends while allowing me to play with other kids. Easy as pie.
Luckily, Matty is friends with a gang of guys who all have really great wives and awesome, close-in-age kids and they've been gracious enough to include me in their circle. 
Raising good kids is hard, y'all, and it's nice to have a group of women to share experiences, ideas and laughs with about this whole crazy stage in our lives. Maddie has a blast playing with their kids and we get to feel normal about the weird hours in which we keep and the amount of food we eat off the floor. 
I've always been a woman who enjoyed my friendships and support from other women, and this is one time in my life where I literally don't know what I would do without another mom telling me that the sleep things will get better or that having a second kid will be really hard but really awesome. 
I'm thankful for these ladies and all the support and fun we have and I'm looking forward to seeing our kids grow up into really awesome people together, even if their moms do eat Goldfish out of couch cushions. 

Maddie was excited for her day as she lounged on Mama this morning. 
She even had lounging feet. 
In between music class and play date, looking like an Eskimo!


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