A Month of Thanks, Day Twelve

Today, in the rain and snow and cold, I am thankful for the rain and cold and snow.
Okay, maybe not so much when my alarm went off at 5 and I couldn't get myself out into the dark and rain to run and then felt really guilty (snow is so much better for running!) but I love having the seasons. I am thankful that we are raising our child in a part of the world where she gets to crunch through leaves in the fall and hope for a white Christmas in the winter, while getting to spend most of her weekends at the beach in the summer (I would mention spring, but that only lasts about a day in New England).
I loved living in San Diego as a kid, and surely you will get NO complaints from me about the weather there, but I have such great memories of my winters in the Sierra Nevadas, waking up early the morning after a heavy snowfall to watch the news and wait for the name of my school to scroll across the bottom of the screen. As soon as the first couple of letters appeared my friends would start calling and we would be out the door, sleds in hand, to go play in the snow, make-up days in June be damned! 
Madeleine has just started to take an interest in snow when she sees it in books and in movies; one of her favorite books is all about a snow plow, after all and this morning as the rain turned to snow she exclaimed "snow!" "FUN", which is her new adjective for anything that she thinks is really great. There wasn't any accumulation to speak of, but she was pretty excited during out walk to the car to get her nanny from the train station. I can't wait to bundle her up and take her back to the hill that we went sledding on last year when she was just a little nugget and not quite as sure about what was going on.
Of course I am not looking forward to the commuting disasters, the chapped face on the days I do get up for a 9 degree run and those lovely black, melting piles of snow in February, but for today I am thankful...tomorrow may be a different story.

"Mama! Snow! FUN!"
Happy 11/12/13 all you number nerds!


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