A Month of Thanks, Day Eighteen

I finally got around to taking a chunk out of the massive amount of digital photo organizing that I need to do. Maddie is almost two and we take approximately three hundred million photos of her daily, so I wanted to get them all organized on my external hard drive. I also have thousands of pictures from life B.P. (before parenthood) that I've wanted to organize and make some albums out of. 

Going through all those pictures made me thankful for the awesome amount of fun, experiences and travel I did before Maddie came, but also how much we've done since. She's already been coast to coast more than once, all over the eastern seaboard and to most everywhere you can go that's worth going to in New England. 

I pored over pictures of me and Matty's first vacation together (to LA for a wedding), my post-graduate school jaunt across Europe and those first precious few months after Maddie came into our world. 

I'm thankful to have done all I've done, to get to keep enjoying all that life has to offer, and that I get to have these (well-organized!) pictures to help me remember it all. 

And yes, this is a post about pictures with no pictures because I've got someone that needs some bedtime stories and snuggles from me right now. 


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