A Month of Thanks, Day Six

Today I'm thankful that I get to spend so much time pursuing my passions and that these passions seem to weave themselves throughout my life in many ways. 

I started my day when my alarm went off at 4:30; I hopped out of bed, poured a coffee traveler and layered a bunch of running clothes on before heading out the door to meet my team from Back on my Feet at 5:15. After an awesome 3 miler along hills and a bit of beach, it was back home to spend some time with Maddie and get ready for a day at the Providers' Council Convention and Expo. As luck would have it (and by total surprise because I apparently skimmed those emails) Dick Hoyt of Team Hoyt was the morning's keynote speaker. I've cheered for this man and his disabled son in countless road races, and have had them pass by me in Falmouth and my first marathon and Maddie and I even got the chance to meet them while Matty ran Hyannis one year, but I had never seen Dick do a speaking engagement. It was amazing and there were about 1200 people in the audience and not a single dry eye by the time he was done talking about the incredible love, determination and passion he and his son share. It was so inspiring and made me so proud to be a part of the Boston running community, yet again. I immediately googled how I could be involved with their team and have added that to my to-do list.

After the conference I had some time to kill before meeting with an organization whose board I am going to join, so Maddie and I walked around the Common for a bit. It was a gorgeous evening and despite being almost pitch black at 5:30 there were lots of people out, going for runs and hustling home, as well as the regular homeless population that congregates there. As Maddie and I walked around she stopped to say hi to everyone, homeless and Beacon Hill rich alike, and it made my heart melt a little. Because of who I am, I've no problem with Maddie interacting with strangers and love that she seeks out the homeless man on a bench to say hi and show him the moon, treating him as she would any other person, which is really all I can ask for as a parent. What an incredible opportunity I have to raise such a well-rounded and aware little human, which I try to be aware of every day. 

Our evening was spent in a meeting to discuss resigning and incoming board member in an organization that provides incredible opportunities for the very homeless people Maddie and I had been chatting with on the Common. I'm honored to have been asked to be a part of this board and was grateful that Maddie is an old pro with Mama in board meetings and enjoyed coloring on everyone's notes and watching the fish tanks. She was up past her bedtime, but how many toddlers can say they've sat on their second board in less than two years of life? 
I'm not sure now many 31 year olds have the chance to say that their career, hobbies and volunteering get to be such a passion-filled endeavor, but I'm extremely thankful to have the opportunity to help make my world a better place in so many ways throughout my day. 

This kid is a board member attending champ!


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