Twenty Random Facts

Everyone has been doing these fun random fact lists on Facebook, and it totally reminds me of the good ol' days of MySpace surveys and Facebook notes. I love finding out random things about people, and I especially love when I find out someone has some weird quirk that I do! Little Chief Honeybee put one up on her blog and inspired me to do the same, so here is some randomness for your Thursday before Turkey Day Thursday!

1. I  knew that I wanted to work with criminals and outcasts ever since I was little and realized that marine biology meant having to do math. When I got my first "real job" out of grad school in the prison, however, I realized that the most important work has to happen on the outside of the walls, so that is where I found my calling.

2. I am terrified of bats; just typing that out gave me the extreme skin crawls and heebiee jeebiees.

3. I do not have a close family outside of my strong bond with my Mom and my maternal grandparents. I am jealous of women who have aunts and cousins that they are close to and get to share stories and memories with and I hope to create that closeness with family for Madeleine.

4. I lived in at least seven houses before moving to Reno, Nevada in the fifth grade and then have lived in about ten more places since I left home age seventeen. All I want to do now is buy a home and never leave!

5. But when I do leave, I would love to retire in a big plantation home in Louisiana and have a million animals and grand kids to drink sweet tea on the wrap-around porch with.

6. I was not raised Catholic but always enjoyed attending masses with my Step-Grandmother. After moving to Boston I sought out RCIA and was able to find a priest and go through the process; I was baptized on Easter in 2009.

7. I attend mass every Sunday, no matter what. Even with a squirmy toddler and jam packed weekends, it gives me an hour to relax, meditate and pray. I especially like going to mass when we are on vacation so that I can see other churches and get to do the same thing that millions of people all over the world are doing in that very moment.

8. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks when I was sixteen years old, though I have had symptoms for as long as I can remember. Through therapy, medication, support from my loved ones, education and exercise I have a pretty good handle on it, though I do still acknowledge that it is there every day, and sometimes I have some pretty tough days and weeks. It is part of who I am, though, and I am thankful to have gotten help and have the support I need to live happily with it now.

9. I love English bulldogs; I cannot contain my joy when I see one walking around and will cross busy streets in the freezing rain to get to say hello in person to one. It is doubtful that I will ever have one of my own since Matty doesn't like paying thousands of dollars towards vets bills, but that will never stop me from asking on a regular basis.

10. I used to HATE running. I started going with Matty when he was training for his first Boston Marathon and I would go about 1/4 mile before giving up, yelling at him, and being a total lunatic. I am sure that made training really low stress for him (sorry babe!). After I had Madeleine I needed an exercise that would not take up a lot of time, could be done whenever I had time, was relatively cheap and would help me lose the baby weight super fast. I pushed myself though all the bad feelings and have now completed a full marathon, average about twenty miles a week when I am not training and am very close to a size six for the first time in my life. I still hate it some days, but I like being thin and eating food too much to let it stop me from lacing up my running shoes.

11.My Dad died when I was five years old from carbon monoxide poisoning. He was a fisherman and was living on a boat in the San Diego harbor and left a propane lamp on in a closed area. My memories of him are not as strong as I wish they were, but my Mom does an awesome job of telling me about him and has a lot of pictures that I go through whenever I am at her house.I like to think that he would be really proud of the woman that I grew up to be and have had him in my mind during every major event of my life.

12. I love pizza and could eat it every day. I just had a piece that a client made, had it for dinner last night and will have leftovers for lunch today. This is a dream twekve hour span for me.

13. I know just about everything there is to know about serial killers and spent the better part of my adolescence reading about them and their crimes; I even did a book report on Helter Skelter in the fifth grade, which prompted a teacher meeting with my Mom. She pointed out that I was reading at a college level having read that book, so that was that and I got an A on the paper.

14. Though I say that I am from Reno, Nevada I was actually born in Chula Vista, California and lived in California until fifth grade. Sometimes I wonder what I would have turned out like had we never moved away, but I don't think I would have had the experiences or love for Johnny Cash and whiskey burned throats like I do having had Reno in my blood too.

15. I was overjoyed when Matty and I discovered I was pregnant after just a few weeks of trying and would have been happy to hear I was having either gender, but I was really, really excited to know my first one would be a girl. I love that she has turned out to love trains and firetrucks and all things generally considered "for boys" but she rocks tutus and curly pig tails while talking about back hoes.

16. I don't know about the term "soulmate" but I do know that Matty and I have whatever is better than that. I never imagined that you could love another person as much as I love him and have never felt anything but secure, happy and completely stoked to get to spend every day next to him.

17. I reaaallllyyyy want to have another baby but want to wait until we are able to buy a house to start that project. I want my children to be close in age, but I also feel like I want to be in the next phase of my goals before we take on another person. I know that Maddie will be an awesome sibling, and I am cherishing these days of just the three of us until we have another.

18. I have never, ever once regretted my tattoos, even the ones underneath my elbows that my Grandparents were sure would ruin my chances of finishing college or having a career. The older I get the more I appreciate the stories behind them and cannot wait to add more someday.

19. I am a complete and total neat freak and clean my house without even noticing what I am doing. Nothing makes me happier than coming home or waking up to a clean house and despite having a toddler I think that I pretty much succeed most every day in that. I cannot stand clutter and am constantly "putting things away" which my husband believes is me hiding his things.

20. I am a natural blonde but dye my hair dark because I love the way it looks and the options for make-up and clothes colors that it affords. I have had every color under the rainbow but am really loving my current color of dark brown, especially in the fall and winter months.

Whew, that was fun! I would love to read yours so please comment or link for me!


Hena Tayeb said…
loved getting to know more about you..
I feel about all bugs the way you feel about bats..
while I am close to my parents and brother.. i do wish i was closer to my cousins, aunts, grandparents..
Stefanie said…
That is so wonderful that you have those close bonds and a sibling to share it with - I guess my only child status is a big part of it too! Also, bats are THE WORST!

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