A Month of Thanks, Day Eleven

Tonight I am thankful for my slow cooker. After getting stuck in the only pockets of bad traffic in the city on the way home, when we had to stop at Target (and did I mention that it's Monday?!) dinner would've been hard to throw together.

We got home right when we're usually eating, but pulled pork and black beans were ready to go, and I'd remembered to make rice before I left the house this morning, so we could get right down to dinner eating business. I love that we sit at the table and eat a good dinner together every night, and my slow cooker makes that really easy on busy weeknights. 

It's great to be able to throw some things in the cooker and have everything ready and have a yummy smelling house when we get home at night. It's especially great in the colder months when comfort food is a must and dark nights are better spent watching Snow White and coloring in new coloring books like we did tonight.
I've pulled most of my favorite slow cooker recipes from the Real Simple's daily emails as well as browsing through blogs and Pinterest. I really like Stephanie O'Dea's website (I know, weird): A Year of Slow Cooking, too. She has recently put out a cookbook that I've added to my Amazon wishlist

Tomorrow I'm going to use up the kale from our Boston Organic's delivery with sausage for a slow cooked stew (another gem from Real Simple). 

Do yourself a favor and get a slow cooker and pretend that your personal assistant or cat made dinner; I promise you won't regret it!

Thanks, slow cooker for giving me more time to catch up on Walking Dead tonight!


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