A Day of Thanks, Day Twenty-Two

Whoo Friday! I have to say I'm definitely thankful for Friday and the fact that we aren't totally booked this weekend so we can get some errands done, take some naps and get ready for Thanksgiving. It's going to be full steam ahead after Thanksgiving and we still haven't gotten our October inspection sticker for the car (whoops!). I'm really trying not to start decorating for Christmas but I've got a bunch of fun ideas and will make sure and do a blog of pictures once I do it up! I love the holiday season: getting gifts that I know people will love, my Mom and Step-Dad coming to Boston, all the dressing up for parties and getting to have a little person to show all the magic of the season to. 
Buuuuut we need to take it a day at a time and for now, I'm thankful for a low key weekend!

Oh this face! She is all kid somedays!


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