A Month of Thanks, Day Three

Today I'm thankful for naps, of course when Maddie takes them but most of all when I get to take one too! So rare but so appreciated when they happen, especially considering how busy our weekends usually are.
I set my alarm for 6:00 this morning so I could get a run in before Maddie's music class at 9:00. This part of daylight savings sucks for the dark nights but is really awesome when you get and extra hour of sleep AND your otherwise sleep challenged kiddo lets you actually sleep like its just another day. 
My run was a little off, I didn't eat or bring fuel and it was cold and misty, so by the time I got home and had to hop in the shower for a quick turnaround to get to music class I was kind of a mess and already wishing for a nap. Despite my slugishness, Maddie and I had a great time in class and got back home with plenty of time to get Dada and pick up Kendra and get to Mass where I was scheduled to lector. Needless to say, after rushing around all morning I was thrilled to get home, eat some leftover soup for lunch and crawl into bed for a nap. Maddie fought it a bit but luckily I have the best co-parent ever and he got her all set so I could snooze. 
There's something so glorious about burrowing under the covers for a couple of hours and waking up to a quiet house where everyone else is napping too. It was so nice to wake up on my own and get to lounge around for a bit before getting back into our day. Sleep is a last priority for me even though I do love it so, so much.
Eventually we all roused ourselves and spent the rest of the day playing, watching football, Skyping with Grandma and eating an amazing lamb dinner care of my extraordinarily talented husband. 
Oh naps, you glorious and rare beautiful things, how I look forward to seeing you again next weekend. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to take naps in a warm home with a family who also appreciates this awesome activity. 
Sleepy kiddo, ready for night night!


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