A Month of Thanks, Day Nineteen

Tonight I'm thankful for vodka. And tonic. Together and in my glass. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to make amazing grilled cheese for dinner (thanks Food 52) while I listen to NPR. 

I'm thankful for my Mom's hand-me-down knit leggings that I've been living in for my post-work wardrobe. 

I'm thankful for the fact that it's been enough minutes since Maddie was screaming or hitting her head against her bedroom door for me to believe she might finally be asleep. 

I'm thankful that I'll be up at 4am tomorrow to run with my team, and to be humbled by the individuals I run with who feel way less sorry for themselves than I do for myself. 

I'm thankful for the chance to have another chance at the world tomorrow. 


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