Bye Bye ThatSpace

I decided yesterday that I was going to pretty much** delete my MySpace page. Gasp! I know, now what am I going to do with my free time that isn't spent on facebook, twitter, hotmail, gmail, perezhilton, people, the 12 blogs I follow I used to be obsessed with MySpace, seriously. I used it to communicate with everyone after I left Reno, stalk people when I drank too much and couldn't be seen in public, and to air all of my dirty laundry when I was going through some very major life changing events.
As I deleted comments, I took a trip down memory lane. All of the friends that I used to be really close to; the friends that I wasn't that close with but are now some of my bff's; pictures of a blond me, a drunk me, a tan me; comments of a life no longer being lived by me. It was a little emotional, but nothing close to the emotion that I felt as I looked through all my old blogs.
They started when I was getting ready to finish my undergraduate degree at UNR and was living in Reno with my boyfriend at the time, then on to the time I spent working 2 jobs to save up to move to Boston, finding out I got into grad school, the move to Boston, and then, the utter fucking chaos and dissent into hell that followed. The best part though, was the part where I fancied my self like a phoenix and rose the fuck out of those ashes, where I decided what I wanted my life to look like and what I was going to do to make sure that idea became a reality. This is where the important lessons all come out - friendship, civic engagement, God, everything that matters the most to me, including me. The last two blogs are right after I met Matty, and then my starting this blog, appropriately the end of the line for me on MySpace. I grew out of it, and into something else - and it turns out that something else is MyLife. ThisSpace. ThisLife.
I kept all the blogs and am planning to do a big ol' project that involves making those public again, but until then, I am taking back to this blog because I want to do again what I did last night - to take a stroll down memory lane and to look at the ups, the downs, the lessons, and the ever evolving cast of characters in this reality show called Stef'sLife.
I'm glad you're along for the ride.


**author's note - I didn't totally delete it because there are like, 5 people, that I must stay in touch with who haven't moved on to facebook and I don't want to chance losing touch with those people again. And, I gotta admit, if I do something totally nuts, the Herald needs something to go on with their investigation, and you know facebook isn't in their toolbox yet. Deal with it.


Beak Wilder said…
I deleted my MySpace in June of 2007 and I never looked back.

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