Sunday Morning Cartoons

Matty has a blog. I think this is pretty awesome. Despite the tone of cynicism about his creative writing, he is super talented, and I really hope he posts some of it. When we first started dating he let me read something that was published (!) and it was overwhelmingly good in addition to giving me a priceless insight into his life. So, do yourself a favor and follow it.
In other news, it is quarter after seven on a Sunday. I am watching old Tom & Jerry cartoons, which I seriously have not done in years and years. After I became a teenager, I totally stopped watching cartoons (exempt from this are Disney movies, obvs). It's weird because my Mom loves cartoons and always watched them when I was home, but I had no interest and, like most of my childhood, would rather bury my nose in a book. Not this morning though; I am going to pour myself a big bowl of cereal and sit here in my pjs.
I have declared today "Stefanie Day" in the continental United States (and parts of Puerto Rico for my fans abroad). I am going to catch up on all my trashy reality shows waiting patiently for my on my DVR, go to the gym for a bit after Church, call some people who I haven't talked to in a while, and generally do nothing but chill the fuck out. This sounds lovely and much needed, and as though it may require some JP Licks Nonfat chocolate chip cookie fro yo.
Per order of me - have a you day, if not today, than soon, and have a JP Licks (but call me if you're going!).



Beak Wilder said…
How do you go from making a post about staying dry to talking about partying at Church all Sunday?

You hypocrite!
Stefanie said…
Not THAT Church Beakey!
I was getting down with the JC in a literal sense!
Beak Wilder said…
I don't think he likes me.
But he does forgive me.

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