Home Means Nevada

Home means the hills, home means the sage and pine...and also a crap ton of snow that I was trying to avoid. Yep, I left freezing Boston for Reno, where the highs were hitting the 60's and flew right into a snow storm and Facebook posts from home about the Spring-like weather. Not cool Mother Nature, not cool. I take back all of the defending of you that I did earlier this winter. All of it.

The thing about snow in Reno versus snow in Boston is that Reno snow actually messes up my plans; I can't just hop on the T and grumble about the two block walk to my destination, no, here in Reno people actually have to drive long distances past flipped over cars and risk not getting to pass between here and Sacramento when Donner Pass closes and have to shovel their own sidewalks. I have become so spoiled in my big city that I almost forgot all about these legitimate reasons to hate the snow.

However, since I am little miss sunshine, I have found the silver lining and am enjoying my time regardless of my Mom insisting that I open the door and let the dogs out (the draft is cold mother!). I spent my first night here with a bunch of the people that actually make me happy to be back back in the Biggest Little City and have partaken in many of my favorite Reno-centric activities: all you can eat sushi, talking shit about the good ol' days and going to Del Taco in elastic waistband pants and making my Mom buy me not one but two half pound red burritos. Ahh home. All of the fears that I had about being back, such as feeling anxious about the past and memories and such, don't seem to be real anymore. I guess the very fact that I have this wonderful life filled with an amazing husband, career, friends, volunteering and healthy living makes it possible for me to be here in Reno and just truly enjoy my time and the people and places that I love here. It's kind of wonderful.

I do of course miss the ever living hell out of my husband, but thankfully technology has been very cooperative and he hasn't had to miss out on anything stupid my Dad has said or any complete descriptions of the food I have been eating. He also gets to see live updates of my three favorite little bastards (this one being my favorite):

Isn't he the cutest?

Today I am going to see The Wrong Side of Reno: Three Decades of Punk and Hardcore in the Biggest Little City at the Nevada Museum of Art. I am so glad that I get to see this before it is over, and I get to see one of its co-creators on Monday (hi Jeanne!). I am also going to check off some of my must-eats (Pneumatic and Miguel's, I am looking at you) and, hopefully, going to see more of my must-see friends, as long as this cursed snow doesn't make it too difficult. Tomorrow my Mom and Grandma and I are going to have a spa day and be ladies who lunch and I am going to take Grandma to Mass, which is always a really lovely thing that we do together since she had such a huge influence on my decision to become a full Catholic. And then Sunday Mom and I are off the sunny San Diego!! I called my Grandma down there last night just to make sure it would be over 30 degrees and she was sure that it has only snowed once in the past decade, which she confirmed by telling me that the three days I am there are supposed to be sunny and close to 70. Can.Not.Wait.

Hopefully everything is as fun as I am planning on and that I am able to remain my composure when asked about how my wonderful, smart, handsome husband is doing (I can't help but gush, but really, he is amazing) and not cry about how much I miss him and his bearded face. I also hope that I am not up at 4:21am again tomorrow to blog; I love you blog, but I just want to sleep in!

Here's to sunny thoughts!



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