Third Time's A Charm

This is the house next door before this last storm. Crazy, right!?!
Woohoo! Snow day! Again! Yeah, I love me some snow days, but I am starting to feel a little guilty about them. This is the third one! I feel like I am a school girl again...except I don't have to make them up at the end of the year...and I am getting paid for it...okay I know that I shouldn't feel guilty but I just really love my job, and my co-workers and I was sick on Monday so I have only worked one day this week! Doesn't this sound like the absolute opposite of the way I talked about my last job? Yep, because it is. And I am still very, very thankful for that. So what to do on a snow day when it is actually too gross to be outside? Make to-do lists, of course! And cross some things off of your constant gmail tasks to-do list, while you're at it. Or sit on the couch and watch E! News...I mean, you know, hypothetically these are all things you could do. Or I could do. Okay, but I didn't see it last night and I need to catch up!
I kept up my schedule and woke up at 5am to go to the gym, I was actually headed out to catch the 5:40 bus when I got the text that work was closed. And instead of crawling back into bed, I had another cup of coffee and caught the 6:10 bus. I figured I was already up and caffeinated and in my gym clothes (and my dear husband pointed out that if I went then I would have the whole day to snuggle with Louis) so I went. And I did an hour and a half of cardio. I rule! I was home, showered and making eggs by 8:10, no harm no foul. Ahhhhhh.
I wanted to try and be productive today, and I was even going to ask my doctor and dentist, whom I have upcoming appointments with, if they had any cancellations I could take, but then the snow turned to sleet turned to freezing rain turned to messy. So, I decided to tackle some chores. First up, I got dinner in the slow cooker care of my friend Sarah's blog. It smells delicious and I can't wait for Matty to get home and devour it with me!
Speaking of Matty, yesterday was our three year dating anniversary! I can't believe that it has been three years since that handsome fella with the great Sox hat asked me how my beer (read:beah) was. Matty pointed out that today was the day he called me to ask me out, which he remembers me being very surprised about, but I can't seem to recall. What, can't an urban single lady be surprised when a boy keeps a promise? Geez. Really though, I thank God every day, multiple times actually, to have placed this wonderful man in my path and allow us to fall in love with one another and for giving us such an honest, deep love. Yay for love! And yay for my amazing husband!
Oh, so back to my snow day. One of my to-do list items was to conquer my recipe book, which I have been shoving new recipes in and was looking a little disheveled. I went through it and got everything in its place, and found this Gingersnap Cherry Cheesecake that I want to make. I love my recipe book; my Mom got it for me last Christmas and it is such a great way to keep track of my favorite recipes which are cut out of magazines, printed off of the computer and scribbled onto cards. Somehow, this book just makes it all look put together! Well, that and the magical scrapbooking dots that keep them all in place. I had to go through a few months of Real Simple to cut some things out, but as you can see, this was very disruptive to Louis.

So after I conquered that I did some puttering around, cleaning the house that doesn't need cleaning (this is what happens when you don't go to work), watched a bad chick flick, and now I am thinking about tearing into the new Dennis Lehane novel, Moonlight Mile. Lehane is totally one of my top 10 authors and I especially love how he makes Boston this awesome character and keeps you up late at night trying not to wake your snoring husband with your book light. I also need to track down this from Anthropologie lamp I saw in a magazine at the gym today and wait for it to go on sale. I don't know what it is lately, but I keep seeing things I like and they end up being from Anthropologie. Totally random, but I am choosing to embrace it. This lamp is so cute, no really, check it out:

See, told you so. I am also thinking about getting my ass in gear and calling around to make some appointment to talk about what classes I need to take the LMHC test with the State. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and how I fought so hard against being a therapist of any sort when I was getting my degrees, but not that is pretty much everything I have done since starting my career. I don't want to leave my job, at all, but I would like to be able to do some per diem work in the prisons and perhaps with released sex offenders who are back in the community. Matty definitely needs to (and deserves to) finish his schooling up first, which I am going to talk to him about tonight and get that going too (sorry babe, I know you are going to read this before you get home, but I have decided we need to get you enrolled stat so I can check it off that pesky gmail tasks list). Genzyme is probably going to be bought soon, and as scary as this is, I have faith that Matty's job is safe, but he definitely needs to get that degree done so that he can take them over...or at least continue to do what he loves and has worked so hard to attain. And then I can take my next step and get that goal done and hopefully be able to bring in some extra bacon around here too!
Okay, I guess it is time to stop writing about everything I need to do and, well, do it.
I hope that wherever you are, you are warm and safe and if you are one of my warm climate dwelling friends I hope the AC is up too high :) I kid, I kid!



Sarah said…
Wow, that's the most productive blog post I have ever read. How did the Latin Chicken turn out?
Stefanie said…
Haha thanks! The Latin Chicken was sooo good. It would be good wrapped in tortillas too (which I will try in another 10 pounds)...thanks for the recipe!

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